HanaKimi Special! I couldn't remember if I had a favorable opinion of this show or not, but Nakatsu being so awesomely cute reminded me why I enjoyed it. *spoilers* The special starts with a Valentine's Day after Mizuki left the school and flashes back to the time between episode 7 and 8 as Nakatsu tries to figure out exactly when Sano fell in love with Mizuki. Julia and random dorm competitions fills in the rest of the 2 hours. There's plenty of fanservice (Nakao kisses Nanba) and drama (Nakasu and his mother angst, and nobody notices Mizuki facedown in the pool?) Um, the 'black' soccer players? eh? And then flash-forward to the older students' graduation. The special was sloppily put together, but if you enjoyed the drama, there's plenty of charming scenes to entertain you. Side note: I think an elephant sat on Sano's hair. It was looking very bad the whole episode.
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HanaKimi 12! the end. I skimmed through this after it aired, but it was rather...long, so I held off watching the whole episode until now. In the final episode, Mizuki's secret is exposed, resolved, and exposed again, so she bows out of school.
Read more... )
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Claymore 24! This ending arc seems to be the only part to stray from the manga as the anime tries to wrap things up. Priscilla sorta remembers the past only to confuse Clare with Theresa. Oh no, Daddy's eating sister. Priscilla and Clare face off.

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Baccano 5! It's hard to summarize this since the story is made up of flashbacks and flashforwards of different groups of characters that cross over each other. All I can say is that the animation and intrigue and humor are great. It might be a show that would be good to watch in bulk. This episode shows us Jacuzzi Splot's gang of abnormally strong people. We also see how Firo and Maiza meet. *tru luba*

And for the boy-smut lovers...
Dengenki online has confirmation of the Junjo Romantica anime. The website just says its in production (no details), but has a cute promo pic.
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Why did I think Hanakimi was 11 episodes? there's another one next week. oops.

Hanakimi 11! Why did the close-ups of their hairy legs surprise me? Ah~ the cheerleader dance to Avril's 'Girlfriend' words. Cute episode and I think Umeda-sensei was wearing more lipstick than usual in this episode.
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HanaKimi 10! How weird was it for them to be dancing to 'Amazing Grace'? I'm glad Nakatsu had eyeliner, because a tux without eyeliner would be terrible. One more episode is left. Two. oops.
There's a love-hate relationship with lengthy manga series. The hate part is the having to wait til the end for resolution and explanation. The love part is watching the mangaka's art and characters develop. Hisaya Nakajo has a special Hanakimi chapter in this month's Hana to Yume. Even though her current manga is kinda blah, her current drawing style has made her characters even more pretty. Hanakimi wasn't a very deep manga, but it was certainly defined 'shoujo' manga and was very enjoyable.

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Hanakimi 8! Did anyone see the grossly funny twdrama version of the photoshoot? Darn, I didn't save any screencaps. Well, the jdrama version is the standard definition of cool. This was a better and funnier episode than the last few episodes. Hey, that SMAP guy is in the next episode! and hey, Hanakimi is being republished into those huge volumes!

Random: So the bridge collapsed because of pigeon poop and not substandard requirements for passing an inspection.
Got a request for something really ordinary and very American and of course, cannot find one that is not 'Made in China'. Darn them and their lead-filled paints and plastics. *paranoia = yes*

HanaKimi 7! Nanba was quite funny in this episode. His family is cute. I remember his grandparents being a most pretty couple in the manga. Anyway, this episode was kinda clumsily written. The ghost and Kayashima story was 'huh?'. The manga version was more adorable. Nakatsu is still the best! Sano is quite likable when the writers feel the urge to make him a man-whore.

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Darker than Black 20! They sure love that fish-eye shot. As a contrast to the last storyline, this one ends sadly. Solid episode. Shihoko's trade-off for her abilities was unique; feeling human remorse. The only other interesting trade-off was the huge lady who had to eat cigarettes.

Naruto Shippuden 25! 3 minutes = 20+ minutes as Sakura and everyone converse about their fighting plans. probably something I would have invented if I were more smarter, married a politician, and gave birth to little squirmy things.

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HanaKimi 6! I can see why all the fangirls are flocking towards Toma. He is rather charming. In this episode Mizuki's parents visit. Hm, Mizuki had an impressive miracle bra underneath that dress. Nakatsu tries to see if there is anything going on between Mizuki and Sano and there was almost a group orgy at the end, but it was a no-go. Yeah, perverse screencapping should have its own community.

If you missed it, here's the similar Coffee Prince screencap.
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*laughs*...remembering the background music...*hehe*
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HanaKimi 5! still weirded out by how ill-cast Oscar and Nakao are, but I'm sure the actors were picked for their comedic appeal. Anyway, this 'ikemen paradise' theme is cute, but wearing thin. Can they continue with the macho/fanservicey boys competitions through every episode? In episode 5, it's Osaka versus Tokyo at the Nanba's old girlfriend story is brought up. I remember that part in the manga. A tutor and student gettin' buzy in the bedroom woo woo smut. In the promo pic there's a student with bright blond hair. Isn't that Sekime? I wonder why he didn't keep it like that. Btw, the colors of this drama are so nice. Camera filters and makeup make everyone's skin look perfectly unblemished.
All farmers should be this hot.

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Ushi ni Negai wo - Love and Farm 2-3! Takashi attempts to go back to Tokyo. I like his down-to-earth vet friend. In episode 2, the group wants to raise the calf they delivered. We learn a little more about Chiba (the goody-two-shoes)'s motivation for wanting to be a dairy farmer. Her sappy story influences Takashi's decision to stay on the farm. Episode 3 focuses on Mano's insecurities...which probably has to do more with his pink vests than being upstaged by Takashi. The show's optimism or dramatization is cheesy at times, but it's also refreshing.

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HanaKimi 4! Forgot to post about this episode. Kagurazaka's hair is too poofy or possible really a wig. The twdrama actor was reaaaallllyy attractive. The jdrama Kagurazaka isn't too likable yet. Sekime is an unexpectedly cute character. During this episode, I was hoping Sano would take that stick outta his ass and he does! near the end. I wish the writers would stick more closely to the manga...ah well.

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Yamada Tarou Monogatari 4! didn't get any laughs from me as Takako's want-to-marry-a-rich-man desire makes her fall for Tarou's dad who looks exactly like a weird woodland imp/elf. It'd be nice if this turned out to be a boy-love story instead. I don't get why the writers stuck the love-struck teachers in the show other than to fill space. They aren't that funny. Anyway, this was a weak episode as Tarou tries to get a random foreign kid to smile. The next episode looks a little better.

It's there

Jul. 18th, 2007 06:06 pm
*Spoilers for the previous HP book...which I think everyone who cares, already read* )

HanaKimi 3! I like when subtitles come out slow and ppl comment, "Can't wait for the next episode," and when they come out fast, ppl comment, "Take your time". In this episode, Mizuki's homophobic, not-blond brother with a sister-complex comes to bring Mizuki back to America, while the dorms compete to find a panty thief. The whole Sano-angst with Mizuki-guilt didn't mesh with me, but it was a cute episode nonetheless. I hope Mizuki gets a sex-change operation to become a real boy and marries Umeda-sensei at the end of the series.
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HanaKimi 2! Is it wrong of me to be watching Mizuki's chest? I can see Eun Chan's boobs in Coffee Prince from time to time. Maybe she has a bigger chest than Maki. In this episode, it's the Mr. Osaka competition between the dorms that is the focus. We see how Sano had his accident...or got messed up by some boyz from the hood. Tried to look for the manga version, but just found a car accident scene. *no biggy* [ profile] bumpybear noticed that the doctor wore blue/grey contacts. I guess that's a nod to the original manga version. oops, manga version has hazel eyes. Loveable interaction between the doctor & Mizuki and Nakatsu & Mizuki. Enjoying the fast-pacing of this show. Mizuki's brother visits in the next episode; not quite the blond American from the manga.

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What I learned from watching today's drama:
Cross-dressing will let you meet your one true love and see him naked...and get a ride on his back.
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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~ ikemen paradise ~ episode 1 jdrama. I think the 'ikemen paradise' indicates that the show takes its own liberties on the original manga; thus, the exaggerated focus on the pretty boys. The subtitle also separates it from the twdrama.
side-by-side comparison - spoilers ahead )
Horikita Maki (Mizuki) and Kamikawa Takaya (Umeda-sensei) were on Bistro Smap 6/25. Watch on Veoh.
Is Veoh the new 'it' media place???

ETA: Maki and Oguri Shun try to guess what is 100 yen.

And there's a new CM with more episode footage on Youtube.

credits to the nice fans at daddicts for the uploads and x-posted to [ profile] hanakimi which really needs more active members...I wanna be a leeecher..
Finally finished...
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HanaKimi twdrama 13-15 end of season one! I don't expect to be watching season 2, but this version of Hanakimi was entertaining in small doses & in fast-forward mode. The last story was badly written. It was about the gay photographer trying to use his knowledge about Rui Xi's real gender to manipulate Quan. The photography session was very, very...uh..I think I went blind. The actual end was predictable as Rui Xi almost blurts out her secret to the whole school, but doesn't; leaving plenty of open story for the next season. The resolution was so contrived that it is laughable. Ella did an over-the-top job as Mizuki/Rui Xi. You either enjoyed her acting or hated it. Wu Zun was a decent Sano/Quan. The internal monologues needed to be skipped over though. Anyway, this is the first twdrama I finished. Couldn't get past one episode of Meteor Garden and Peach Girl. The show was over-acted and silly, so depending on your mood, it could be enjoyable. The behind-the-scenes parts were really funny. Ella is a hyperactive girl.

and anime...
Emma S2 9! had a very cute moment between William and his mother. There was a Little Women anime that was shown on tv that this reminds me of.
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Hanakimi's webpage now has several awesome pictures up. The poor actor playing Nakatsu isn't there because of the selfish Johnny photo rule. Maki looks pretty darn good as Mizuki. Found out that she was probably wearing a wig in that first promo since she was finishing up some other show. The whole disgruntled-looking cast looks reeeeally cute. Can't wait!

The Yamada Taro site has a reallly bad pic of the Arashi/Johnny actors. It's a good thing there are enough non-permissible photos out there for fangirls to drool over.
Ai Otsuka's Peach is the theme song for the upcoming HanaKimi jdrama. There was a promo single out, but the regular is out 7/25. DDL...It's more cutesy than expected. Reports say that there are alot of pretty boys cast in the expected.

ETA:, better than the twdrama? What's with Maki's hair? Is that a wig? Can never get 'nuf of Avril's Girlfriend.
Saw POTC3 over the holiday weekend. They really tied all aspects of the story together. This movie did have its minor flaws, but really, it was completely entertaining. ♥ Johnny Depp and his absurd acting.

..speaking of absurd acting, also wanted to catch up on this before the jdrama started...
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HanaKimi twdrama 8-12!
rambling )


May. 21st, 2007 10:32 pm
Hey, when Sailormoon saved the world with love, she did it naked and with hugs, so ideally, Peter Petrelli and Harry Potter should save the world with love by being naked. Hugging Sylar and Voldemort would probably help, too.
All in all, amusing tv despite the annoyances in the last episode like why didn't Peter think to fly off on his own?...and didn't anyone check for Sylar's body?..and Peter & Nathan's love was creepy enough without Claire's help.

the HanaKimi jdrama is confirmed with Oguri Shun as Sano ♥, Ikuta Toma as Nakatsu (the actor played the student with the grudge against Domyoji in the Hanadan S2 jdrama), and Horikita Maki as Mizuki still. I'm still skeptical since there's a weird subtitle to the drama -Ikemen Paradise- and the confirming website cites a sports site?...and Hisaya Nakajo's website doesn't have any info; just info on the twdrama. However it comes about, I do hope for pointy elf shoes.
~Scheduled to start 7/3.

ETA: HanaKimi drama homepage is up!!!!! PLUS...more casting info. (they spelled 'introduction' wrong)

my pet!

and quickie reviews...
Hana Kimi 7! twdrama covers the school festival where the dorms are competing for fame and some prize. After watching Hanadan and other jdrama, you kinda realize that twdrama actors and kdrama actors look a tad stockier (ie. more muscular) and appear shorter. I think more thorough research is needed...tbc. Anyway, the episode mostly follows the manga...except for the lack of Oscar (hope he shows up next time) and the fact that Rui Xi looks plain bad as a girl in the preview for the next.

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Himitsu No Hanazono 5! Satoshi left his family's place after Tsukiyama's mean remarks last episode. In this episode she realizes all that he does do for Hanazono Yuriko. The adorable flashback with the brothers was the highlight.
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HanaKimi twdrama 6! This drama gets the award for the worst and funniest kiss scenes ever. In episode 4, the pervert makes his move on Rui Xi. She runs out into the woods, Quan follows and they fall...tumble, tumble down near a stream. Rui Xi who needs major eyebrow pluckage (it is very bad when your boyfriend has nicer eyebrows than you) dreams up the grossest mouth-to-mouth scenario. Quan made an odd face during the actual mouth-to-mouth scene, too.

Himitsu no Hanazono 3! Another enjoyable episode as Tsukiyama tries to give editing advice to the Hanazono/Kataoka brothers. It wasn't all that nice of Hinata and Satoshi to use her in that way, but it provides fuel for the nice cliched shoujo scenes.

Hana Yori Dango S2 4! MatsuJun definitely deserves praise for his off-the-wall acting skills. Love Domyoji when he tries to be suave, caring and smart.

Reminder to myself: Look up release dates to Virgin Snow later. Can't resist a movie with two attractive main characters...ok, a movie with Lee Jun Ki who was definitely an elf in a former life.


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