And I thought Soul Eater would make it to the end without the obligatory flying nude anime character scenes...


Soul Eater 49-50! Maka, Kid and Black Star face off against the Kishin. Soul is consumed by the black blood creature and cannot fight. The fight in episode 49 was weak, but it got better in episode 50, BUT Kid's power-up was very lame. Seems Maka will finish it off in episode 51.

Minami-ke Okaeri 12! I think the moe-loving animators were in charge of this episode (at least the first half); butts and girl-on-girl action...lovely. Sleeping was the topic in this episode. I need more sleep...zzz.
Macross F the movie trailer looks like it has some nice animation, but also looks like a re-hashing of the tv series. I look forward to some new music though.
And look you can get Ranka's green blobby plush for only ~$120 USD. Ok, there's a $9 version, too.

Soul Eater 48! I sure hope the manga doesn't have a similar gawd-awful predictable death where the teacher/parent sacrifices himself for the next generation. (Already had enough of that in Naruto). In this episode, Shinigami and Ashura fight a pretty nicely-animated battle where Shinigami somehow easily blocks everything until the end. It was sorta lame. Ashura's behavior needs some depth. Anyway....4 episodes left.
..have a lovely heart-fest coming up about the Antique kmovie...It's so lovely.

Boys Before Flowers 17! teaches us that cleaning windows with a hot boy can be fun. The rest of the episode was more moping, stalking and whining. Ji-hoo and Yi-Jung get their sad, sad pasts revealed. There were some cute parts...y'know, when Ji-hoo is fed by Jun-pyo...BL is always cute.

Soul Eater 47! Brew is the key to the Gundam? Yes, the anime has taken a turn for the truly cracked storyline.

Soul Eater 46! Black Star is like Naruto; he keeps trying to power-up, but fails to completely defeat the bad guy. I guess Mifune isn't necessarily a bad guy. The fight was decent though the interspersed Excalibur, Brew, Eibon parts were not as exciting as they could have been.

Tales of the Abyss 21! Asch is put on suicide watch.
Gundam 00 S2 20! Lyle turned out to be a lame version of Lockon. Neil was definitely the better twin. The animation was pretty sloppy at the beginning of this episode, but Setsuna's fairy dust once again does an awesome job of stripping the cast naked.

Skip Beat 20! Hey, new opening and ending songs and visuals...less jarringly bad than the first ones, but still blah. Kyoko and Ren are asked to be in the same drama. Kyoko thinks Ren hates her, but nah, he is just disturbed by his developing pedo-tendencies.

Cut for anime catch-up...Soul Eater, Kuroshit, Minami, Tales of the Abyss...*spoilers*The little girl kills off the other little girl?...WTF!!! )

Soul Eater 44! Love how stylish the animation is. The episode itself well, if you like Medusa blabbing on and on and on about how she's so great, then maybe the episode was entertaining.

And here's the real PV for Uverworld's 99/100 Damashi no Tetsu. The first PV was perfectly ok, but hey whatever...still like the song. In the new PV he has one of those Emeco chairs that [ profile] bumbybear mentioned.
Went to a local chocolate lovers festival. mmm. overpriced chocolate. Also went to a Korean porridge restaurant. mmm. old-people food.

Tales of the Abyss 18-19! Luke stops Van from letting the Outersomething collapse..or in actuality, Van randomly commits suicide, letting the good guys win. In episode 19 after some time, more of the same trouble comes up, and after falling into one too many traps, Ion's luck runs out. There goes another clone. I enjoy the city and mechanical designs in this show.

Soul Eater 43! Kid searches for the last demonic tool at a village known as the Stone Coffin and fights clown monsters. You kinda wonder why he tries to walk out and just doesn't fly out with his flying skateboard. Gotta love those huge plot holes. These recent fights lack any oomph. zzz.

Kuroshitsuji 17! I've always skipped the opening due to the song, but hey, there're new visuals which might've started earlier than this episode...aaand they aren't too interesting. In this episode Ciel and Sebastian investigate a new religous cult. They hook up with Grell who is looking for the Doomsday book.
Gundam 00 S2 17! Can't really believe that they'd created something so fictionally technologically advanced, and have it literally self-destruct after one hit. Okay, it did create some good action afterwards, but did they really have to kill him off?

Soul Eater 42! So Shibusen is planning an all-out attack on Arachne & the Kishin/Ashura while Chrona & Mary go off to find Prof. Stein and Medusa. It seems as though the anime'll wrap things up in its own way, but the animation is pretty cool here.
Kemono no Souja Erin 1! Hey, from the author of the recently failed cartoonnetwork show, Seirei no Moribito, we get another epic fantasy show that will never be popular on US tv.

+ Very nicely styled 2D animation
+ Promising fantasy setup
- bland character design
+ likable opening by Sukima Switch
- slated for 50 episodes..seems a bit long for a show today.

Quick summary ~ Erin and her mother live in a world where dragons are raised and used in war. The villagers look down on them because they are able to communicate with the dragons? or have green hair and green eyes?..not sure why they don't like them.

Quick impression ~ Production IG created awesome backgrounds for Seirei no Moribito and again, they created beautiful background settings for this show. The story setup (war & fantastical creatures) and narration reminds me of Juuni Kokki. Not too much happens in the first episode. It's centered around parent-child relationships throughout...and makes me think Erin's mother is going to be killed off soon.

Kuroshitsuji 13-14! A prince and his servant from India appear and plop themselves at Ciel's place. Episode 13 was somewhat cute. I can't say I like the new characters much. They don't really add the humor the writers seem to want them to exude. I wonder if the mangaka knows that the anime will butcher their story before they sign the contract. Darn, another manga I shouldn't have spoiled myself by reading.

Soul Eater 41! Very fillersome. Professor Stein continues to go insane, but it's not as entertaining as it used to be.

Soul Eater 40! Medusa makes a deal with Shibusen. I like the fact that Maka's father is a competent person despite being a clumsy father. I like the new depressing ending, too; much better than the near butt-shots of Maka.


Kuroshitsuji 11-12! Elizabeth is upset that the present she planned to give Ciel for his birthday is something he already has. She gets lured into a shop with a creepy owner. Ciel enlists Grell to help with the kidnapping case. Pluto also makes a random appearance. Ah, random episode, but Grell's perversions were entertaining.

Kinda wanted Yun Kouga's Gundam 00 artbook, but eh, less than 20 colored pages? And LOVE these 12 months of Gundam figures, especially the summer months.
Minami-ke Okaeri 2! Starts off with Fujioka wondering if he can act as casually with the Minami sisters as Toma who is still mistaken for a boy by Fujioka, and ends with a song from Hosaka the curry fairy. So cute!

Gundam 00 S2 14! Setsuna meets his childhood savior and darn, it's the enemy. Marina and the chubby kid try to save the world with a song. Unfortunately for them, it's not written by Yoko Kanno and I doubt Marina's lackluster figure will bring in the sales. The new opening song is pretty generic, but the visuals feature naked females which always score points with the crowd.

Cut for more blabbing about Soul Eater, Mouryou no Hako, Tales of the Abyss and Skip Beat )
Though we made a half-arsed attempt to avoid it, we still ended up with family yesterday. haha. We seemed to have gotten an overload of Narnia; so much so that we got curious and bought some turkish delight. Not bad for some random candy, but not worth selling your soul over.

Nodame Cantabile -Paris-hen- 11! the end of season two. From summer break to the new school year, this episode features Chiaki starting his first official season with the Marlet orchestra. This was a great second season. The production was consistent and the story continued to charm. While the first season thrived on wackiness and novelty, this season focused on Nodame and Chiaki maturing as musicians and as a couple. There was far less commentary on the music. ~9/10 rating~ for this season; minus 1 for the bland opening song and still-freakish computer movements. I wonder how they will try to differientiate the third season. Can't wait for the live-action movies.

Tales of the Abyss 13! So Luke wasn't Luke and now, Natalia is not Natalia. Is Mieu really Mieu?

Soul Eater 38! Black Star gets Kid to give him a pounding. Is this show turning in to Naruto where they are running out of material and then slowing down the pace? Maaan, take a break and skip a season.
Since moving 4 hours south-ish, we've only seen a tiny dusting of snow and plenty of rain; kinda miss the lovely snow storms...maybe we'll get some in the next couple months.

Nodame Cantabile -Paris-hen- 10! Ah~ first real kiss. So charming. I'm glad this season doesn't focus on the music-music as much as the first season. The disembodied computerized hands are still freaky. Chiaki and Nodame are probably the only fictional animanga couple that are both truly entertaining to watch and are perfect together.

Kurozuka 11! Kuon attacks Kurou right after Kurou defeats the ugly scientist dude. There is plenty of stabbing involved. Extreme jealously does that to a person...jealousy and a few lost marbles.

Soul Eater 37! Kid tries to get answers from Professor Stein, and Maka trains with Soul. Yeah, a filler. I don't recall that new professor being in the manga, but I don't remember much of this part of the manga to begin with. zzzz.

Vampire Knight: Guilty 11! I don't think I've commented on the opening and ending songs, but they are annoying. The opening might've worked if the singers could sing. In this episode, we learn that the supporting characters are a whole lot more interesting than the main ones, and it's a shame that the writers didn't give them much screen time outside of the random Kaname-angst shots.
..ugh, my stomach did not like today at all. Poor tummy.


Nodame Cantabile -Paris-hen- 9! So happy about the 3rd season of anime and 2 live-action movies! In this episode Nodame, Chiaki, Tanya and Kuroki head to the castle where Nodame will perform her first recital. As always, this continues to charm.

Soul Eater 36! Justin is pretty awesome. He deserves a chibi-flashback episode. Maka and the others fail to completely defeat Mosquito. Thus, BREW lands in the hands of well, not Arachne, but Medusa. Kinda interesting that there are 3 bad guys each working separately on separate plans. Haven't even seen the Kishin in a while.

Kurozuka 9! was the worst attempt at comedy this season. wtf? Kurou and the others reenact scenes from Speed. again, wtf?

Tales of the Abyss 11! is about Jade's past. Interesting. The design of the water city is pretty.
Did some Black Friday shopping. The Obama kiosks were crowded.

Watching Daniel Radcliffe on the Actor's Studio. Funny guy.

Watched Miyano Mamoru's announcement on Nico. Quite awkward, but touching.

Soul Eater 35! Professor Stein makes like Kakashi from Naruto, and after teaching the kids some useful things, he gets kicked to the side and becomes useless. He does make an entertaining wacko. The kids face off against the mosquito-guy.

Yotsuba never fails to make me smile.
Good episodes all around. ^_^

Mouryou no Hako 5! been waiting for subs since my listening comprehension fails during non-action anime. The psychic and bookstore owner get pulled into the investigation. They are proving to have more deduction skills than Detective Kiba. It'll be interesting to see when/if they meet and how their personalities clash.

Kuroshitsuji 8! Meirin is such a fangirl. cute! They solve the demon-dog case in a truly WTF manner. The mangaka has the oddest sense of humor. I guess it's a mix of black and dry humor with a dash of randomness.

Tales of the Abyss 9! Luke vows to stop being totally annoying.

Soul Eater 34! Previous episode filler forgiven after watching this kickass episode. Shibusen and Arachne's forces are fighting over Brew(another weapon) in an arctic setting. Gotta love Bones' consistent quality.
The Gundam 00 character songs sorta sound more like Pokemon character songs, especially Alleluia's. I supposed my indifference towards seiyuu music continues.


Soul Eater 33! Maka has a bad case of pms. Yes, Black Star, you shouldn't piss off girls during that time of the month. Looks like some action next episode...ya.


Tales of the Abyss 8! *spoilers* So Luke and the gang reach a town where the residents are being poisoned. Apparently the people can't see that they should probably walk a few yards out of town to stay clear of the poison, but it's too late when Luke destroys the whole town. Gotta love a show where the 'hero' messes up big time. And then Luke finds out that he is actually the clone-Luke.

Kuroshitsuji 5! the end of Jack the Ripper was sad.

Soul Eater 32! The excalibur song amuses me.

Gackt's Jesus PV and song are both a touch corny. Maybe I should just be thankful he is releasing something new, and is not singing with the stuffy-nose-voice anymore. Here's his wife's Jesus Christ song. It's less corny, but would probably be better if not for the engrish.

CA fails

Nov. 5th, 2008 07:57 pm
Soul Eater 31! Crona is finally getting along at school when Medusa shows up to get her to do her dirty work. Crona feels terrible afterwords. And after this depressing episode, we get another Excaaaaliberrrr filler next week.

Hakushaku to Yousei 4! No matter how cool the characters are, sometimes fight scenes that are cheaply animated are just silly looking. There's a scene where the brownies look like they eat the bad random. Edgar and Lydia negotiate with the merrow and obtain the sword. Edgar is acknowledged as the Blue Earl Knight and fanangles Lydia as his personal fairy doctor. The fast-pacing and huge plot-holes reminds me of how Allison & Lillia transitioned from novel to anime. Anyway, I enjoy the eye-candy and the drips of fairy lore.

Michiko to Hatchin 2! there was a break in this show's airing schedule. Anyway, episode 2 introduces us to Atsuko Jackson, a police officer after Michiko. She was also her childhood friend. Michiko always gets away from Atsuko which infuriates the police officer. This episode again, has sexy-stylish visuals, but it still lacks something unique to separate it from all the other shows this season.
Seems like the Halloween candy is shrinking; snack sizes are now minis. :(


Soul Eater 30! no new opening? The story arcs involving Kid are plain fun. His carefree attitude and entertaining eccentricities make Kid, Liz and Patty my fav meisterstudent/weapon group. With all the other main characters, you've got their angst hanging over their story arcs. In episode 30, Kid gets his bit of angst...well, seriousness at least.


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