Naruto does it, you know it's cool.
People still use Yahoo search? I guess Japan does.
Well, it's pretty cool to see Naruto on the list of top Yahoo searches in 2009. Naruto falls under Michael Jackson, Twilight and Megan Fox, but beats out American Idol. :) Now, if only the news anchors could pronounce 'Naruto' correctly...
More Geass!


Darker Than Black - Ryuusei no Gemini 9! I'm fond of Kiko the fangirl-spreading fangirl. Good episode with a twist.


Naruto Shippuden 138! Nicer visuals. Anti-climactic, predictable, but interesting end to the brotherly love. I can't say that I'm fond of what Sasuke learns from this as it is a bit lame that his actions in the manga prove low intelligence, but the past two anime arcs were good (well, good characters died). I think that's enough Naruto anime until the next interesting arc.
I enjoy stalking an item for several months, and then finally purchasing it at 50% off.


Summer Wars jmovie! is about a girl, Natsuki, whose large family is getting together for their grandmother's 90th birthday. Natsuki coerces a boy, Kenji, to come along and pretend to be her boyfriend. He gets involved with her family's problems and a problem that threatens the world through a virtual game. The story takes a feel-good approach to how everyone now has an online identity, and how everything relies on the internet world. An online threat forces Natsuki's old, established family to take part in a modern war. It's a bit funny to see how the Japanese writers make the US the 'bad guys' who made an oopsies. The look of the anime reminded me of the Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton videos. ~7/10 rating~ It felt a bit long and didn't have the fresh charm that The Girl Who Leapt Through Time did, but it was still a solid Madhouse fluffy production.

Kimi ni Todoke 8! Maybe an overload on the smiley, sparkles and sweetness, but still, a nice episode. The curly-haired whiny girl looks to be plotting something..surprise, surprise.

Naruto Shippuden 137! eye obsession....where've I seen that before? The animation has gotten less impressive as of the late. Sasuke's extra Orochimaru-rooted powers and transformations are not that attractive; pretty ugly actually.
Was hiding out most of the weekend...*sigh*

Community covered a humorous version of Somewhere Out There last week.

Darker Than Black - Ryuusei no Gemini 7! oh noes, a pervy lady tries to sell July. A pervy man kidnaps the kids....and tapes Maou to the window...hahaa. I enjoy small touches of humor mixed in with serious drama.

Letter Bee 8! Lag is wondering why Gauche is no longer a postman and meets Sylvette. Niche has some adorable scenes here. Random note: whenever they say, 'Akatsuki,' I am reminded of the show below.

Naruto Shippuden 135-136! As expected, the animation was stylistically interesting for the fight between Sasuke and Itachi, but there were definitely moments of cheap-arse animation. I like how most of the characters are associated with an animal; snake and crow here. After reading the manga and watching this part of the anime, Itachi's motives are a bit skewed for the sake of the brotherly drama, and consequently, Sasuke's actions after this battle seem even more convoluted. Logical thinking doesn't really play a part when boys just want to fight and battle.

Kuroshitsuji OVA! the cast of the series perform Hamlet for children on behalf of the Phantomhive company; Hamlet for children? Well, there was a 'seaweed' character. The episode was pretty horrible. The one or two cute scenes probably weren't worth wasting 26 minutes of one's time.

Winter Sonata 3! misunderstandings...zzzz....

Hey, Yen Press has somewhat found a fan-friendly solution to the 'localized'/fugly novel cover dilemma. Letting the online retailers offer free jp covers...if the retailer wants to offer it.
Kimi ni Todoke 5! Ryuu has more than one line!

Naruto Shippuden 134! I didn't notice it last episode, but the animation in this episode is cheap. At least the character design doesn't suffer too much. Madara's voice is unexpectedly silly-sounding. While Sasuke heads towards a showdown with his brother, Naruto and the gang face Madara. And the shark character fights the shark-teeth guy. There is an omake at the end which is fairly funny. Actually the whole episode is intentionally and unintentionally amusing.
mmm...traveling is fun, airports are not fun. catching up on anime is fun.

Naruto: Shippuden 133! picking this up again since yeah, the twelve-year-old in me wants to see the cool battles coming up. In this episode *spoilers* Jiraiya fights his last fight. ~depressing. If you want to restart this, you'd better start a couple episodes before this for Pain's past. They are getting closer to Sasuke and Itachi's last fight, too.

Darker than Black - Ryuusei no Gemini 4! Hei, Suou and July reach Tokyo. Hei trains Suou. This includes smile-training, belly-dancing...and the usual shoot the birdies training. Hei's new personality is interesting. Misaki joins...that organization whose motives are unclear. Misaki is probably there so Hei doesn't look too much like a pedobear.

Inuyasha: The Final Act 4! Sword-envy continues as Inuyasha gets a power-up and attempts to fight Mouryoumaru.

Kimi ni Todoke 4! I do like the slight attempt at avoiding the misunderstanding, but all for naught. Cute stuff anyways.

back again

Aug. 5th, 2009 01:54 pm

Naruto Shippuden 119-120! The Kakashi Gaiden special episodes where we find that Kakashi was a boring, whiny arse in his youth. I was hoping for some very cool animation, but it was of typical episode quality. Oh well. Judging by the opening animation, the series is still locked in filler hell.

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 17-18! It's a relief that this does not have fillers. Marie Ross is blamed for Hughes's death. I especially liked this part of the story. Good plot twists...the beginning of many great plot twists.

Macross F 3! Oh wait, did they just 'flush' him???? Though this series is following very predictable Macross/mech plotlines, the familarity is enjoyable. I like the nipple 'joke', too. The animation did falter slightly in this episode, but still, it is visually pleasing. Alto's hair never fails to flow prettily. The songs used in the series are nice...not earthshaking, but simply pretty and corny perhaps. I suppose the more you hear them, the more they grow on you. Ranka's song reminds me of the song in Macross Plus...I think the title was 'Voices'.


Code Geass R2 3! Was thoroughly amused at ruckus the leak caused all over the anime blogosphere. It's nice to know there are fans that stalk official sites so much so that they caught a company error. In this episode, Lelouch being the intelligent egomaniac that he is, is aware that there are people watching him. He cleverly sets them up, and finds their Lelouch-spying room and discovers Rollo's secret. Brittania seems to be holding something over Rollo. His angst is hard to miss. And what kind of big brother gives a younger brother a heart-shaped locket for his birthday? I'm guessing it was from someone else. Everyone wants a piece of Lulu...good stuff. Half-naked Kallen must be for the fanboyz.

Allison & Lillia 3! Wish the opening song was a little more thrilling. *yawns* The story picks up as Allison and Wil infiltrate the 'enemy' base and free the old man. He tells them where the treasure is and they fleeee.

and the miscellaneous time-wasters...
Naruto Shippuden 55! The last non-filler before the filler arc. Kakashi tries to teach a new technique to Naruto who is continually portrayed as a dunce. Decent's been awhile since we've seen Kakashi actually do anything.

Kyou Kara Maou S3 79-80! Apparently, despite the show having no discernable overall plot, it keeps going and going. Yuuri continues to travel between both worlds trying to go to school and trying to keep peace in the other world. It seems Wolfram has a problem in this part of the series.

Naruto Shippuden 53-54! I hear this is going into filler-hell again, but not quite right away. In this episode, Naruto and gang continue to try their intervention technique with Sasuke who keeps saying 'no' to rehab. Naruto and gang try to stare him down, but Sasuke and Orochimaru don't care and show off by leaving in a flashy-magician-on-stage manner. And with episode 54, a new opening introduces us to new filler characters. At least the opening song is not as grating as 'you are my'. Episode 54 was pretty cute...covering Sai's very excellent 'how to become friends' techniques. Naruto's training will be covered next. The new ending features the guys in suits. Yay.


Not too overly of Naruto right now, but I want this Kakashi pair!

This is another week of new anime:
Nabari no Ou
S-A ~Special-A~
Soul Eater
Vampire Knight
RD Sennou Chousashitsu
Junjou Romantica
Gundam 00 24! The bad thing about a show where all the characters are likeable is that darn, you get attached to them...*sniffles* The 2nd surge against the Gundams starts and yeah, more casualties. One of the deaths reveals that he was mostly a robot/cyborg? huh? And the preview says that all the Gundams get destroyed...which can only mean one thing...brand new toys next season!

Naruto Shippuden 51-52! is a love fest as Naruto, Sakura, Sai & Yamato meet Sasuke. There was a lot of staring and flashbacks and blabbing involved. From this point in the anime to where the manga is now shows us that Naruto hasn't powered up at all. Can someone get him a Gundam please?

Tried out ljarchive which works perfectly, but ljsec worked the first time then failed the second. darn.
Minami-ke -Okawari- 11! Didn't forget to watch this week. Kana fakes a cold to get out of cleaning duties. Wish I had the guts to fake sickness. The past couple episodes have slowed down to mildly funny. *sigh*

Naruto Shippu Konoha Gakuen Den Special! was some sort of AU special where Naruto is a transfer student who wants to be leader of all yakuza, and Sasuke is the school's pretty boy who thinks Naruto is annoying. It's pretty funny with Sakura's continuous commentary, especially when Sasuke leaves with the transvestites, Orochimaru and Kabuto. watch at crunchyroll.

Wasn't going to watch Bones' Soul Eater since it sounded so generic and done-before, but trust Bones to make it look fantastic and fun--> PV. Plus, Miyano Mamoru, Maaya Sakamoto & Takehito Koyasu are in it.
There needs to be intelligence tests before you allow your kids to watch tv and/or anime...or..Naruto. Having no common sense and being plain stupid should ban you from watching tv. Go help your mother in the garden for entertainment.
Indonesian boy strangles self
Seattle boy buried head-first in sand

Anyway, actually finished watching Neon Genesis Evangelion this weekend. It only took me..about 8 years to finish it. I think it was the teen angst that made me fall asleep everytime I tried to watch it. Not sure why people get annoyed at the end. The whole story was about sex, God or man, and being lonely...with sex & God or man, and the ending cinched it. Well, the point of watching it was mostly to see how current anime shows steal from acknowledge it, and in that regard, it did have some interesting production/directing qualities. ~7/10 rating~ for the tv series.

In other fun interneting, Candied bacon ice cream proves that good photography makes anything look yummilicious.


Mar. 8th, 2008 08:02 pm
Yes! Hyde x GLAY singing Yuuwaku and Honey (two of my favorite songs)..and they actually sound wonderful. Plus, they look like they are having tons of fun. And because I'm a geek, the original PV's for Yuuwaku and Honey...same director..same random model?

and some anime...
Spice and Wolf 10! Unfortunately, Lawrence's plans to make a huge profit goes badly when he finds out that the company that he dealt with had gone into debt...which takes him down, too.

Naruto Shippuden 49! I don't think I've ever mentioned the fact that the opening and ending to this part of the show reeeeaaally grates. Isn't it about time for some new songs? Kabuto fighting a bunch of bees was pretty much as lame as it sounds. Watching this series has now become a test of endurance.
Hana Yori Dango KdRamA is in the works! It can't be any worse than the twdrama, so the question is is whether they can top the jdrama.

and Maaya Sakamoto + Yoko Kanno in Macross Frontier = something to look forward to in the spring.

ETA: and since it doesn't need a new post...
Naruto Shippuden 48! which proves that the only character in the show that goes to the toilet is Naruto. All anyone wants is to hug or kill their brother or best male-friend, so it's a relief to see the mundane.
Naruto Shippuden 47! Narutard and gang reach Orochimaru's hidey-hole. Sasuke makes Sai feel psychedelic.

*manga spoilers*
Kobato Drop 5: Bunny fairies are messengers of God + Touya and Fugimoto are bunny fairies who work at Legal Drug => God runs a pharmaceutical company. And in the CLAMP universe God = Mokona, so Mokona is the mastermind behind viagra. I'm sure Colbert could make the equation run more smoothly.

Got a problem figured out today at work. Added tons more links to GReader. Cleaned up a whole bunch of music files. Vacuumed. Ah~ much accomplished.
Gundam 00 18! was a great episode. As predicted, something happens to Louise and Saji's happiness. As far as the Trinitys go, it seems plain wrong that the Celestial Being would error and pick trigger-happy pilots, but then again, mentally unstable pilots in fictional wars is a must. Also, Graham again, gets to act very 'hot' in this episode. Yay Graham and Billy, Billy and Graham. oops, I capped him at pre-puke.

Naruto Shippuden 46! Sakura checks out Sai's doujinshi. I think it really contains yaoi and incest. Sakura, Naruto and Yamato's observations of Sai's book proves that they are getting more inept as the series goes on.
Gundam 00 17! fanservice that not really fanservice. The new Meisters cordially flirt with introduce themselves to the old Meisters. Professor Elfman or the anime-Ian-McKellen finds out where the Gundams were developed, but sadly, becomes a target. Saji and Louise's role in the series as a young couple barely touched by the war is still out-of-place. I wonder if something will happen to them by the end of this season. Anyway...

Naruto Shippuden 45! The older Naruto and Sakura get, the more they need long, boring explanations.

Minami-ke -Okawari- 4! forgot about this episode. Haruka sees their new neighbor being so helpful and is ashamed at how unhelpful her sisters are. She drags her sisters and their friends to the neighborhood cleaning. Not all that funny, but it's nice to know Japan instills good lessons into their anime and citizens. I think the Americans make the criminals clean the highway--criminals or Girl Scouts.
Marking yesterday as the first time V-'s automated system fixed the internet connection without me having to connect to a human. Maybe the robots are getting better? Go robots! Take over the world!

Naruto Shippuden 43-44! Out of all the Naruto fights, that one was pretty lame. The actual fighting was alright, but the writers did squeeze in visuals that were more stupid-looking than 'cool'. Anime Sakura is looking a bit weepy at times. Anime Yamato is looking a bit sloooow. Maybe I should stick with the manga.


Minami-ke -Okawari- 2! Naked shots seem to be the theme of this season's show..along with weird alien eyes. In this episode, banchou is almost revived.

Persona -trinity soul- 3! um...some cool persona action, but you kinda want to kick the brothers into communicating with each other. um, yeah, not sure what's going on.

I think I will try to read all these books on the 100 books every child should read list by They all sound like fun. I think I spent my childhood reading Nancy Drew or Babysitters Club books. The ones on the list that I did read are ones that I've read well past childhood...well, except for the ones that I had to read for school-- Wuthering Heights...blech.
End of a week littered with sickly people. Too much partying over the holidays I guess.

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 1! Definitely an attention-getting first episode. The animation quality was even better than the first season and Sensei was as lovable as ever. The first half was an absurd story about the sensei, while the second half was about the normal girl. Great episode. The ending was also stylin'.

Naruto Shippuden 42! Have I gotten to 200 episodes of Narutoad yet? If so, I guess this would be the longest I've ever watched a series. It sure feels that long. In this episode, a very weird fight between Naruto and Orochimaru is interrupted by Kabuto blabbing and blabbing. And what was that ending? doujinshi covers?


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