Lily Hoshino's Otome Youkai Zakuro looks really pretty.

Kobato. 23-24! the end. *spoilers* So very CLAMP in that the writers just crossed Wish's reincarnation with CCS's forgetting of one's taisetsu no hito. It's a shame they settled the kindergarten story so simplistically, and didn't even touch on Ioryogi's story..poor plushies stuck in the baumkuchen bakery business for all of time. I suppose the relationship between Kobato and Fujimoto was realistically based on love-through-harassment. Though honestly, that flashback made it look like Fujimoto was Kobato's father in a past life. The rest of the story was somewhat sweet at times..okay, the matching mullets and Kohaku were sweet. ~7/10 rating~ The evil bunny-fairy and the fact that Kobato's wish was granted at the moment she met Fujimoto were nice twists, but the only episodes worth watching were the wtf-Tsubasa crossover episode, the psychedelic X-mas episode, the ginko-tree combustion episode, and the last 2 episodes.

Kimi ni Todoke 24! Oops, thought this had 24 episodes like Kobato, but apparently not. This would have been a nice episode to end on, but I'll happily take another episode next week. In this episode Kazehaya and Sawako visit the local shrine for New Years while their pals spy on them. Shoujo innocence at its cutest.


Mar. 17th, 2010 08:13 am

Kobato. 22! I'm glad that this show plays up its strengths when it needs the fanservice and cross-overs. The whole 'healing' message is lost in the sloppy original stories. This episode's fanservice includes a flashback where the anime hints that chibi-Kobato had an extreme mullet like Fujimoto...or that Fujimoto is or once was her dad/brother/babysitter. Well, it explains where the mullet came from. Touya also shows up for 2 seconds which upgrades the whole show ten percent. It's also a little funny to think that Sayaka will now have a career being a yakuza's wife. Plus, the satanic bunny-fairy shows no mercy to Kobato & Ioryogi.


Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 48! my favorite parts of the story right here-- plot-wise, action-wise, metaphoric-wise, visual-wise... Pride eats Gluttony to take on Ed and the people from Xing while Roy Mustang puts his plans into motion. I will enjoy the next part, too when the deadbeat dad redeems himself.
Kobato. 21! *slight spoilers* Ah ha, the old stand-out-in-the-rain-until-your-enemy-feels-sorry-for-you ploy. Way to go Kobato. Glad to see the lack of creativity. I hope the manga version allows Sayaka and Okiura to be less predictable and lame.

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 46! First time we've seen that Ed has grown significantly taller than Winry. I think the next fight was one I was looking forward to.


Kobato. 20! Ah ha, I was wondering who Kobato's overly enthusiastic personality reminded me of and it's Gokusen's Yankumi. Anyway, there's too much fanservice here to really list, but they are worth mentioning, so ta-da...Kurogane x Ioryogi, Fay on a swing, Fay doing gymnastics off a swing, the fact that the Tsubasa's characters look a helluva lot better drawn by Madhouse, the way Fay kicks Syaoran & Mokona out so he can have 'alone' time with Kuro, Ioryogi x Mokona, Bunny-fairy's evil laughter and a new ending song. The only bad points to the episode were some head-to-body proportion problems; Mokona's ears appeared too large at times, too. Fujimoto was wearing a hakama playing a baby grand in Kobato's daydream? Maybe it wasn't Fujimoto...past life Fujimoto would play into Wish.

Kobato. 19! Doumoto is trying to 'make a move' on Kobato during Christmas, but oh noes, she's angsting over Fujimoto's sad Christmas past and stick-up-da-butt attitude. There were some nice Doumoto scenes here...even if he is just the third wheel. Kobato's singing causes interesting things to happen; spontaneous tree combustion, random psychedelic light shows...what else? There's a glimpse of what-could-have-been with this show here...y'know, if Madhouse gave the previous 18 episodes just a tad more attention.

Kimi ni Todoke 20! Chizuru has her moment of letting it all out. Iffy episode with a decent end.
Watching bits of the Olympics...zzz...sparkley, spandexed men on ice....

Kobato. 18! OST 2 is supposed to have a new ending song. I wonder when it'll air. Somehow Kobato's jar is 3/4 of the way full and winter has started. A pedobear with diarrhea appendicitis is hanging out in front of the kindergarten scaring kids away. Doumoto is disappointingly not the homo-insert character. And the show goes on...

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 44! Hm...gotta reread the manga. It was another good episode, but I thought there were some other events coming up. It's interesting to connect what Hohenheim said in the episode to what just happened in the manga.

Kimi ni Todoke 18! was a well-animated episode with pretty backgrounds. There were touching girl-time moments and guy-time moments. This starts off the Chizuru x Ryuu arc.


Kobato. 17! This show is more entertaining when the writers don't try to fill in twenty-some episodes with attempts at 'heartfelt' stories. The Ioryogi filler turned out to be randomly cute. Pluses for Watanuki. The plushie story and Kobato's story seem very disjointed thus far. Plushies win in terms of what I want to see.

The end of Sakura Gari? predictable except for which of the wacky characters was going to ---- him. And the smut? lengthy and weird in the one spot. Praise for Yuu Watase for stepping out of her shoujo blahblahlovetriangle dramas and into yaoi blahblahangst.

Random: These Poken businese cards look cute.

Kobato. 16! The bazaar story with Lelouch, the debt collector. The series isn't bad when they are working with the original material.

Kobato. 15! I wish this had new opening & ending songs like the other shows. So Sayaka collapses out of fatigue and heartburn which causes everyone to think she is dying. I'm sad to see a potentially interesting character go bland. Random note: somehow Shuuichirou looked very 'punk'. And finally, we see the debt collector again. I'm not a fan of Kobato hooking up with Fujimoto, but it was inevitable especially with that 'rule' presented in the beginning.

Kimi ni Todoke 16! The writers are afraid that the audience's brains rotted during the Kurumi arc, so they give us a flashback episode as told by drunk little spirits.

And uploaded the full Nadeko Snake Bakemonogatari opening here for those who'd like a little cute on their mp3 players.
Solved the Windows7 x mkv =>freezing problem by updating the nvidia driver.

Kobato. 14! This episode raises the question, "what is a 24 hour TJ Maxx doing in Japan?" (there's a little 24 over their heads)

Inuyasha: The Final Act 15! The most adorable Sesshoumaru x Inuyasha fight yet. Yes, it was still about the swords, but haha--Rin's comment.
Getting tired of two particular shows. Wish they'd move on.


Kobato. 13! Kobato and Kohaku sing a song for a tree pending its death. The tree liked their singing so much that it spontaneously combusted. srly.

Kimi ni Todoke 14! All is well, buuuuut Kurumi's arc lingers on and on and on, well on to the next episode.

Mouryou no Hako special! I thought this was going to be mostly flashbacks to the series, but it was actually almost all new animation involving Atsuko Chuuzenji thoughts and actions on the darkness of people's hearts. It was a nicely made side story.

Kimi ni Todoke 13! The dangerous sparklies and bubbles attack the main characters again and again.


Kobato. 12! Good episode as the writers fill in more of the plushie storyline. Gotta love the Wish cameos and plushie-love fanfic potential.

Kobato. 11! Ioryogi sewing himself up was cute. Kobato tends to talk a tad too loudly sometimes. I guess it should be 'genki' rather than loud. We get the Chobits baker, Ueda, and Yumi in this episode. Not a bad episode. Ioryogi had some fun scenes.

Inuyasha: The Final Act 12! Time for Sango to power-up...about time. We get to see Inuyasha being drunk. Good times for all.

Kobato. 10! Thought it was a little creepy that the organ started playing by itself (especially since it wasn't the self-playing kind). Fujimoto is almost the highlight of the episode, but then we find out that he has a pretty dull background story..I swear we saw this in CCS. But heeeey, Misaki and Tamayo (from Angelic Layer) are giving away free beer! They couldn't be giving away free cookies or something? Apparently beer is a cute and innocent product in Kobato-land where it is given away freely. Kobato wins at this season's most wtf writers.

Haha, went back to read wtf CLAMP wrote when they got to this part. Exam 9 translations by Jamie say it all.

Inuyasha: The Final Act 11! With this episode, I remember why I quit watching the first time around. Random, pointless fighting, another weak bad guy gone.
Kobato. 9! These fillers are excruciatingly long and painful...and badly written. I think the enthusiasm for this show is waning. The bakery bear needs to make another appearance asap. I do enjoy the ending song though judging by the lack of downloads, not many's Ranka!


Dec. 1st, 2009 08:41 pm
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 34! Ed and Al get a tour. Sloth pops up.


Kobato. 8! Okay, the kitty pawing Kobato's boob while Ioryogi commenting that it was hungry? eh, right. They named it Milk. zzz...
Kobato. 7! This episode is only entertaining if you assumed that it takes place in yaoi-land. Poor Domoto is too timid to confess to the scary Fujimoto. The animation was pretty bad. Lesson of the day: letting people mooch off of you is a-ok.

Kobato. 6! I enjoyed hearing Lockon Stratos threatening Kobato. I am puzzled by the variety of Zorro-esque guitar music that follows Fujimoto... and I'll stop commenting on it any day now. Instead, I'll be amused at the German-esque oompaa music for Genko. This episode was pretty fun as Kobato was at her lowest level of brain activity and the writers introduced all the plushie merchandise characters.

Kobato. 5! Kobato tries to proposition a middle-aged man in the park. The whole talk of 'forgetting how to glow' was somewhat unintentionally funny. The whole story about 'yakuza' trying to get money from a kindergarten is pretty ridiculous. Fujimoto's background music is also very laughable. So overall, silly episode. We get to see the baumkuchen bear next...awesome.


Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 12-13! Actually, I didn't notice that I hadn't watched these episodes until now. Schrodinger's cat in the form of Danboards---neat-o. The last episode was not highly impressive, but just ok. I enjoyed the tulip-drawing song this season. ~7/10 rating~ for the consistent animation and intellectual wtfs.

Kobato. 4! Finally, the kind of cute that is awesome. Kohaku and Shuuichirou's flirting was amusing, and Kohaku's lovey-dovey thoughts were over-the-top too sweet. The original anime plot inserts are actually pretty good. Iryogi vs Irogi? I suppose that's the same as Touya and To-ya. Anyway, God's messenger, Usyagi-san, lets the gang know they have 4 seasons to fill the bottle and Kobato figures out she can't heal people who are already happy...well, shucks.

Winter Sonata 2! Yu-jin and Joon-sang spend more time together while Sanghyuk gets annoyed. There are some sweet moments that cut the slow pacing, so I suppose I will continue to watch this series.


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