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Death Note 37! the end! Ah *spoilers* he's dead. It was a beautifully animated series; a manga worth reading and an anime worth watching. Can't say I'd watch it again, but would recommend it to any anime fan. Near wasn't too interesting at the end or anywhere in between. I guess it's a manipulative story in that regard; engrossed by only Light no matter how deranged he is. There were minor differences in the ending between the manga and anime such as Mikami's demise. I kinda think the animators wanted more sympathy for Light and to stick in a sappy sunset ending and thus, the sunset and Snow White music..and the ghost of old L. ~8/10 rating~ for the anime series. Anyway, Death Note is available online to d/l for $2 an episode for the non-pirating people.

Katteni-Shiyagare + Mika Nakashima's cover of Cole Porter's You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To is riddled with engrish, but is pleasant enough. The PV features the band and Mika in a stage setting with Mika as a puppet. If that is actually her under the makeup, she's a decent dancer and performer.

Porno Graffitti's new single, Link, is used for a Subaru CM. What's with Sony artists and Subaru?? The actual PV is simply a black and white video of the band the CM instead.

Also listened to Koike Teppei's new album, pieces. Both him and his music make me feel like an old lady because I want to pinch his little cheeks and pat his head and moosh his face. dl? His music sounds very little brother-like and cute, but also formulaic. Still, wanna squeeze him and bite his nose.
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Death Note 36! Well-orchestrated ending with an exact amount of tension...well, maybe too exact. There was a moment in the beginning where the background music swelled up so much that I expected little demons to come out and start singing. In this episode, everyone comes face to face. Mikami orgasmically writes everyone's names down...Light and Near both think they have each other cornered....
C&D..dum, dum, dum. (ie. rile up the fan community before the series ends for free marketing.)

Death Note 35! um, it's near the end and a few useless filler characters are killed off. It's surprising to see how many ppl thought what happened to Light in the manga actually sucked...did they expect him to survive? whoops that was a spoiler.

Had to put up a garden net around my strawberry plants. Point to Lowes for knowing what I was talking about. Minus two to Home Depot for implying that we were trying to catch birds for sport and for not carrying said merchandise.

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Darker than Black 10! Pizza Hut supports anime. McDonald's does not. I wonder how much they pay for product placement. This would be a good Saturday morning cartoon, if Saturday morning cartoons could be rated above a G. 9 & 10 revolved around the development of the female police detective character. She's not that interesting. The action was nice. Hei is the chinese Batman.

ETA: ganked from [ profile] x_reggg~ Johnny Depp promoting POTC3 on a Japanese tv show. He probably thought the whole thing was a drug-induced dream, which is not as scary as the reality of what he saw.


Jun. 7th, 2007 08:07 pm
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Gackt has been on a hiatus from the music scene for awhile, but he's back now with Returner ~Yami no Shuuen~. I haven't been very enthusiastic about his music before the break, but the PV for this new single is a dark, angst-ridden ball of prettiness that deserves a mention. Most likely inspired by his 'acting' job as Uesugi Kenshin, he plays soldier from historical Japan....there's horse-riding and sword-fighting and snappy outfits with lotsa little details. The downside to Gackt's music is that you probably don't pick it for some karaoke fun nor is it driving music. It's more like shitty-day, put-on-full-blast music. Gackt sounds better than he had been with this new release, but I do like his music from his early career better. Enjoy the new angsty PV; it made me laugh.

Death Note 34! A simple plan is more brilliant than a long, drawn out one. Near chose the latter option. Maybe Mello will push the entertainment value of this show up in the next episode.

Bear meat

Jun. 1st, 2007 10:16 pm
I wonder what canned bear meat tastes like.

LoveCom 8! Not so happy an episode as Otani finally gets around to replying to Koizumi.

Nodame Cantabile 19! Always thought it was interesting that Chiaki's fear of flying was not due to the crash itself, but his inability to get the pills to save the passenger next to him. Needless to say, he gets over that problem in this episode. Nodame eating the crab reminded me of the Host Club episode where Haruhi gorges herself on crab...then barfs.

Naruto Shippuden 16!
"We have to hurry and save Gaara"
Sakura raises her hand, "Wait, give me the long-ass explanation of why."
Old lady slowly explains, "blah...blah....blah..."

Death Note 33! The girls quibble over Light-o. Near has everything figured out.

Romeo x Juliet 8! Ah, fanservice. Francisco confirms Curio's homosexual status and tries to get him and Benvolio in bed living together so he can watch...I'm sure. Romeo catches Juliet with Batman...I mean Tybalt. This show would be better if Juliet kept up her Odin persona rather than turning into a leaky faucet every 5 minutes. Francisco and Curio seemed to be the likely pairing, but Francisco x Tybalt and Curio x Benvolio seem cute. Yeah, we know Romeo and Juliet love each other..Now, to contemplate the sexual habits of all the other characters.

no caps since there weren't any eye-candilicious scenes.

Instead, here's UVERworld's 'Unknown Orchestra' from their new single. It's their jump into Euro-pop.
Death Note 32! Must be deliberate fanservice to have Masaya Matsukaze who was Kyouya's seiyuu voice Mikami since Miyano Mamoru used to voice Tamaki. Anyway, Light hooks up with Mikami and his old girlfriend for the last 5 episodes. It's a shame Ryuk has almost no part now and Misa's usefulness kinda died out. It's still kinda interesting to feel like you should sympathize with's probably the wrong word...or at least not completely hate him...well, maybe in the next couple episodes as his ass-hattery hits high levels.

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Naruto Shippuden 15! y'know, DB's webpage is amusing. This episode featured a pregnant Naruto! okay, it was an illusion, but he was so pregnant for 2 seconds.

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Nodame Cantabile 18! I hope this show's popularity gets it another season as it did Hachikuro. I'd like to see some of the Europe arc animated. In this episode, Oni-Chiaki whips the RS orchestra into shape before their debut. Kuroki's performance is very pink. It's enjoyable to watch such a show where all the characters keep progressing.

Yesterday's tv airing of Laruku's Seventh Heaven performance...♥. No least from Hyde...haha, Ken was still lip-syncing. S'fun song.
Light's english voice gets a butchering. There must be a lack of male hormones in American voice actors. Japanese male seiyuu seem to have naturally deep soothing voices while American voice actors have to either sound whiny or gravely. Maybe James Earl Jones would like to be an anime voice actor one day. Miyano Mamoru, if only you could speak english!

Death Note 31! Originally I thought that the length of time between L's death and Mikami's appearance was unbearably long in the manga, but with anime magic, you get the abbreviated version with all the action and less talk. In this episode Light thought that he had Near, but Near escapes. Light takes a dump, (cause where else can he privately tell Misa what to do?)and puts plan B into effect...which is to get a hot guy in to liven up the show.

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Emma S2 3! I wonder if there is any point in the story where Eleanor is supposed to be likable. Maybe her obsessive devotion might be admirable to some, but the only positive point about her is that she almost looks like Umi from MKRayearth. William is becoming weak towards Eleanor's timid-damsel act. Oh no.
Romeo x Juliet 5! Romeo feels guilty and/or pervy for almost touching Juliet's boob. In this episode the emancipated-looking-Clow-Read-look-alike doctor seems to be headings towards an end to his stint on the show. In the preview, Curio and Francisco appear to be imitating the love of Kurogane and Fay. who knew?

Seirei no Moribito 5! The shaman reveals a little more about the water fiend egg in Chagum. Balsa comes up with a plan to flee. The show is developing slowly, but nicely.

Death Note 30! huh, 30 already. Mello is not dead and gives Near a clue. It's nice to see that everyone knows Light is Kira, but they don't quite have the brains to catch him red-handed...y'know, like planting a bug on him.

Bleach 125! hm...Aizen wants to go after the King? Is that a filler storyline? Thought save-Orihime was next. Might be skipping through the next few episodes til Nell shows up.

...sufficiently anime-ed out now...

Blah Yellow

May. 2nd, 2007 07:24 pm
Bought some licensed anime and watched a little. Boy, those yellow subtitles are quite ugly. Why do some companies *coughMediablasterscough* still use that awful yellow. Yes, it's been that long since I've watched licensed subtitled anime. And y'know...paid translators aren't better or worse than unpaid ones. They just know how to use spellcheck.

Death Note 29! The beginning of the episode was animated quite prettily. The rest of the episode was also very good. Like, the scene where Light sticks the notebook inside the front of his pants?...hehehee. The decision to edit the story to speed it along made it exciting and unexpected. The only big annoyance is that Light's father didn't have a headset like the rest of the team...which is a huge plothole. Thus, he lets Mihael Keehl free to play another day.

Recced by sis and recced to you. don't know how old this is...
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Iloveegg is a darn cute korean website with a darn cute music video. click on the left top link for English and right top for Korean "Wiggle Jiggle yellow middle..."

And toilet training in Japan is also cute.
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Koutetsu Sangokushi 2-3! It's a shame the animation quality isn't better for this eye-candy-filled show. It's a little like Saiyuki where they keep throwing uniquely designed flaming-gay male characters into plot-lacking show. In these two episodes, Rikuson/Crimson Warrior/Uke-extraordinare goes to Go's palace and joins the army after dazzling the leader with his fire powers. I still can't tell if that leader is a girl or boy...the fansubbers say it's a boy. I'll give this another 2 or 3 episodes to introduce all the players before I decide whether this is fun enough to watch.

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Death Note 28! Misa isn't as cute as she is in the manga, is she? The animators kept giving Near huge eyes...making him look cat-like. This episode covers the exchange of one death note for Sayu. Light appears humane as he decides not to kill his sister...though plot-wise, I doubt it would have mattered one way or the other.

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Love★Com 3! I think this may be the only current anime series that makes me laugh..intentionally. The show picks up where it left off where Koizumi's childhood friend, Haruka, bounced into the Xmas scene. It then speeds through to Valentine's Day where she makes chocolate for Ootani..but he becomes jealous of Haruka and pride prevents him from accepting. The show hardly delves into angst too long; it's definitely more fun that way...the opening and ending songs are growing on me...teenybopper music..yay.
...for Bambino get hop onto my PC.

Emma the Second Act 1! This continues where the first part left, as Emma settles into a new job in a large mansion after she had left London in season 1. The little 19th century details from the characters' day-to-day life are part of the story's strength. For some reason it's nice to see the maids doing the mundane chores. It seems Hans might play a larger part in the anime than he had in the manga. The opening for this episode(with the old a Celtic version) was played at the end and had some pretty visuals. Gotta love the sheep. If you are into a soft romantic story, this is a great story, but you'd better start with the first season.

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Death Note 27! That's a creepy voice for a 14 year old. Near and Mello move in on Light. I'm not sure why they aren't as interesting as L was. Anyway, there are now 3 groups in conflict. Near with the FBI calling themselves the SPK, Mello with his group of thugs, and Light and the Japanese police (all 4 of them). Doesn't Mello look like a crazed Howl in his black spandex?
been enjoying an Easter munchie pack sis sent and chocolate-covered dried strawberries this week...along with more and more fast food. Tis a good thing these good genes be.

Death Note 26! About half the episode was looking back at the previous 25 episodes. Light takes over for L (he's dead if you have been living in a cave and hadn't's like not knowing that Dumbledore is dead). We get a glimpse of Near and Mello. I find the mangaka's choice in names for the characters pretty fun; L's real name...Watari's real name...Even Light's name. It's similar to and as amusing as the names of characters in classic British children's books.

Bleach 121! Is that a new opening...or have I been skipping the openings so often and missed the change? Bland song. Visuals center around this Orihime-arc. The episode, however, had some great high-powered action scenes. Yay for knocking Ichigo around and around. I also continue to enjoy the Spanish-style music that follows the Arrancar around. Aizen needs more action. I'm sure he spends 99% of the day gel-ing his hair and I'd like to see it. New ending song was cute. Cute visuals, but not great.

And I find the news that Sarah Brightman is singing a Pokemon theme song to be absolutely smile-inducing. Pikachu is so ♥ even she likes him.
I wish Krispy Kreme donuts weren't 50% oil & sugar. I'd probably enjoy eating them more, but yum, that first bite is good. I miss Mister Donuts. Even Dunkin Donuts was good.

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Death Note 25! referred to the Bible or a wet t-shirt contest. Anyway, warnings to all as it is THE dreaded episode. It was beautifully animated & directed, Misa got to sing, and the drama was great; the glowing, red eyes--still expecting lasers to shoot out of Light's mouth. The next episode looks like a review episode.

Romeo x Juliet 1! (the 'x' makes it porn hip) Like Seirei no Moribito, there is stunning background animation here.
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more says me )
People seem determined to feed me as much fast food as they can this week. Tis a good thing vitamins and Tums exist.

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Cod Ege Ass And Ble Ach )

Nodame, Death Note & Negima )
The second act of Emma looks nice; maybe even higher quality than the first season. I think I may be in the mood for shmoop this spring.

Death Note 23! The end of the Yotsuba arc.

Bleach 118-119! The story of the bald guy and his boyfriend; quickly paced because the writers made it all up. It was full of shonen cliches, but still cute.

Other random-mess:
Yaoi fans should check out chapter 347 of Naruto. I wonder how much the mangaka got bribed to draw that one.

ETA: Tackey and Tsubasa released 2 new PVs, Crazy Rainbow (which is also One Piece's current opening song) and x-Dame. The former PV features the guys being somewhat domestic and cute. The latter PV is best heard on mute and with your eyes closed; ok, peek at them hitting on an older woman and dancing a dance that is beyond normalcy.
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Naruto Shippuden 5! makes you want to smother Gaara with motherly affections. Kakashi is now the center of comedy, but it's cute, so I don't mind too much. Entertaining episode. I do hope that I'm not watching this show until I'm 50 though.

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Death Note 22! or "Sweet Treats featuring L." I don't remember much of this part of the manga so watching how the story plays out is interesting. I am amused that her name is "Weddy."

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Nodame Cantabile 9-10! Great episodes that made me laugh. Episode 9 was a part that wasn't in the drama so it was quite fun to watch a new aspect of the story and Chiaki being Streseman's slave. Episode 10 was extremely funny since there were so many little details that weren't part of the drama like the mongoose story.
I lick your blood is surely the most perfect title to a Fay X Kurogane doujinshi.

and haha, this amv is actually good...and that is not a what-if scenario. It is.

Death Note 20-21! nothing much to say about these episodes. *spoilers* For my own reference, the Yotsuba Kira is discovered and Misa rediscovers Rem.

ETA: Another for my own reference, I want the 25 Shunen Kinen Koen Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo 5 Days-Dokuso- dvd. The cd is one of my favs.

Random do

Mar. 10th, 2007 06:26 pm
Hair is getting unacceptably long. Still have about a month before I can visit sis and the nice Korean salon near her. Which style or do shall I get? Probably this or this, if the weather is warm that day.

Code Geass 20! That picture drama that just came out was a nice bit of naked girl-on-girl action. Buzz, where's the fanservice for the female viewers? *spoilers* Ah, episode 20 upped the cheese again as Random Japanese guy and his Chinese friends attack a British base. Suzaku in Lancelot and Zero in Gawain beat him off with a stick. Nina the now infamous lesbian gets some alone time with Euphemia and Euphemia & Suzaku declare their undying love for one another. spew. Enjoying the dorky fanservice, but Zero's big picture still ain't coming together.

Death Note 18-19! kind of behind on writing about this show. Episode 19 was the fun Matsuda episode where he tries to be helpful by infiltrating the Yotsuba headquarters. This arc is fun since L's personality is shown a little more as he teases and fights with Misa & Light and gets annoyed at Matsuda.
I'm sure I must've racked up a billion points with all the tech support phone calls I've made this past month. That is, if that were some sort of sick point-gaining activity.

..and is it me or has the stupidity of fast-food workers gone up? Who gives you an uncooked potato? Arby's. or puts a flimsy mexican pizza under a bucket of chicken? KFC/Taco Bell.

On with other sick things...
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Death Note 16-17! which leads us into the Yotsuba arc. The anticipation of the next episode is lost on me since reading most of the manga, but I still find the anime curious. It's probably due to the quality of the animation and L...don't know if I'll make it *spoilers* past his death. In these episodes the Yotsuba group is introduced, but don't appear as compelling as they do in the manga...maybe more time with them will change my opinion.

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Code Geass 16-17! the other Death Note. I'm enjoying the plot twists and total fanservice. Lelouch's Zero voice continues to irritate me. I don't see how anyone could take him seriously when he speaks like that. I guess that that is part of the whole mockery involved with the series. In these episodes Lelouch finds out what part Suzaku plays in the war and Mao dies...again. I'm thinking someone's going to lose an eye. Lelouch is the likely candidate.

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Arashi's Love So Sweet PV tickles me pink. They can't dance or sing, but they are so charming.
...because I know my way around a computer due to high doses of anime.

Bleach 113! Is it my imagination or is the pacing of these episodes a tad slow. Maybe it is just my notion that they will drag Bleach out for as long as they can, but really, I think some of those scenes could use a bit more action and less still shots. Too much of my time is wasted imagining Chad X Aizen scenarios. In this episode, the Arrancar arrive. Chad tries to protect whatshernamewiththebigboobs. Did they ever get to why this series is called 'Bleach'? Is it the color of the Hollows? Bones? Death? something like that?

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Nodame Cantabile 4! Milch Strezemann arrives. His japanese is not as creative as the live-action one, but it is still odd. The anime shows us a little of Strezemann and Viera's past which is of course, humorous. We're getting to the creation of the S-Ok. yay!

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Death Note 16! Good stuff. Light-o pulls a fast one on L. This part is reason no. 53 why Death Note is a great manga/anime. Reasons not to like it come later. Innocent Light-o is an animated Johnny in disguise. He'll be singing pop tunes and dancing in bear outfits in the next episode. L's face when confronted about his S&M preferences is priceless. Death Note could be about good & evil...but it's really about varieties of smut. Smut makes the world go 'round.


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