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Arslan Senki 16-25! the end of season one. A battle against the war elephants leads to a one on one battle for the throne. Daryun proves again to be unbeatable and Rajendra is made king. He predictably betrays Arslan, but is again outsmarted by Narsus. This side trip seems a bit off-topic, but adds another unexpected & loyal follower to Arslan's camp. Episode 19 focuses on Hermes who is possibly the rightful king of Pars. He has the task of defeating the religious nutcase and his followers. The gender reveal in episode 20 was amusing and what eventually happens is predictable but nice. And Arslan finally heads to Escabana to take back the capital. He first takes the Keep of Saint Emmanuel back from the Lusitanians in the climax of this season. There is a lot of good fortune on Arslan's side, but due to the title of the story, you do expect that he wins every battle. ~8/10 rating~ for a speedy historical fantasy story. The production was inconsistent, but the characters, story and action made this enjoyable. Another year until the next season?

 photo orem23a 2.jpg  photo orem23a.jpg

Ore Monogatari!!! 1-24! the end. This is a really funny shoujo anime about a large, not traditionally attractive first year high school boy, Takeo. He's popular with other guys since they admire him as a manly man, but his romantic crushes always fall for his best friend/neighbor, Sunakawa, a typical ikemen. In episode 1, he happens to save a girl, Yamato, from a groper. He thinks she has a crush on Suna and decides to help them get together. This is nice that Takeo and Yamato reveal their feelings by episode 3. The production and humor are great. If you need a pick-me-up, this will definitely make you laugh or at least smile. Takeo is awesome and the supporting characters are quite likable. ~8/10 rating~ Apparently, there is a live-action movie in the works which looks ridiculous, but yeah, I want to see it.

Akagami no Shirayukihime 3-12! the end of season 1. Shirayuki passes the court herbalist test, and becomes an apprentice to a young genius herbalist. So far, the episodes have been diabetes sweet. Prince Raj from the first episode is invited by Zen's older brother, Izana, to liven things up. Episode 6 was pretty amusing in that regard. Episode 8-9 flashes back to when Mitsuhide was assigned to guard Zen. The last few episodes culminate to a kiss and to Shirayuki and Zen admitting their feelings for one another. There weren't any real big conflicts or antagonists in this show, but it was mildly amusing overall. ~7/10 rating~ for mild romance.

Junjou Romantica 3 3-12! the end. Misaki and a friend from college go to meet their favorite mangaka...who takes an interest in Misaki..shocking, of course. Misaki also starts the interview process at Marukawa Publishing and passes. Episode 4 features the Terrorist couple. Miyagi asks Shinobu to move in. And coincidentally, episode 7 features the Mistake couple and they decide to move in together. Episode 10 features the Egoist couple. They are so cute. Most of this season focuses on Misaki and Usagi's insecurities about their ability to stay a couple as Misaki approaches graduation.~7/10 rating~ for soft yaoi and cute couples just being cute...the quality of the production was fairly mediocre and sometime bad this hiss.
Junjou Romantica S2 12! the end...though I wouldn't put it past them to stick more anime with manga releases or at least continue with the CD dramas. Not sure what prompted the anime production to strip this season of smut, but as long as it was fit-plot-in reasons rather than censorship reasons, I was okay with the lack of cartoon shadowed sex. In the last episode, Misaki takes a part-time job at Usagi's publishing company. He meets his favorite mangaka, and finally convinces Usagi's brother & father how serious their relationship is. It was the Valentine's story...they oddly skipped the Christmas story...oh well. ~7/10 rating for this season. The animation quality went down and there was only one measly cabbage episode. Despite that, there was just enough of the manga's comedy that was preserved in this show that it wasn't too boring.

Kuroshitsuji 9-10! been awhile since I've thought of this anime; maybe because the community seemed oh-so-enthused about the fillers. Episode 9 was a very random episode featuring Ciel's servants. Episode 10 featured an ice sculpting contest. The episodes were silly enough to entertain, but utterly forgettable.

Vampire Knight: Guilty 12! Looks like the anime is getting an original ending. Everyone is attacking each other.
..having a hd crash is advantageous since it cut my xmas card list down 50%.


Junjou Romantica S2 11! Misaki and Usagi venture into more wet foreplay; last time it was the shower scene, and now the osen scene. Ok, but since this is the smutless season, we only get shots of steam and bubbles. Oh right, storywise, Misaki and Usagi try to settle things with the Usami father.
Planned to mail stuff out early this season, but couldn't find paper, and then realized my envelopes were too small. And I had no boxes. I did take advantage of the Amazon Prime sale and got a paring knife for myself. :) We've been cutting fruit with steak knives.


Gundam 00 S2 11! Fell asleep after I found that Sergei was still alive, but woke up near the end when I realized the super-duper Gundam 00 'o-raiser' + trans-am system stripped the people of their clothes. The poor guys have been castrated. Y'know, the animators could have at least put a cloud of sparklies there to preserve their dignity or something.

Tales of the Abyss 12! um...something happened and there were new characters introduced. There may have been some smirking.

Junjou Romantica S2 10! ho-hum episode as Misaki mulls over the Usami family.

Gundam 00 S2 10! A set-up episode where the writers introduce us to more cradle-robbing, characters named Anew Returner & Bring Stability(?), and a couple really big weapons. I'm a little pissed that they possibly killed off Sergei. I'm now fond of the chubby kid who thinks war could be ended with food. I'm sure a bomb will be aimed his way in the next episode.

Junjou Romantica S2 9! Observing the seasonal decor, I will guess that they might end this season with a Christmas episode. In this episode, a real confession causes groping in the shower.

Hakushaku to Yousei 9! I wonder if Nico will have a human form later on. In this episode, Edgar gets drunk on gin & Jack Daniels, and then gets frisky. He isn't turning out to be the best example of an English gentlemen; stealing titles, in bed with one girl, but saying another's name, and then falling asleep before getting anything done or undone.
Junjou Romantica S2 8! This was a little more nicely animated than the previous episodes have been, but the engrish = fail. Even though it seems like a typical teacher-student scenario, Miyagi and Shinobu's angst is a helluva lot more funny than the others in the same genre. It's probably because they have very, very similar personalities. The episode has no cabbage smut though; woe.

Kurozuka 8! Kurou meets an old beggar who has information for Kurou in exchange for money and the disposal of his feces. *ew* Definitely a strange and surprisingly funny 15 minutes.

Vampire Knight: Guilty 8! So nearing the end of the second season, we finally get to the interesting part. I like Zero's 'Gonna barf' face when he hears about Yuuki and Kaname.

Hakushaku to Yousei 7! Edgar's character is hard to pin down. He's an atrocious, but sometimes conniving liar, but the way he is animated makes him appear like a mannequin. I think it's the eyes. Kelpie also appears to have very blank eyes. I think Edgar would probably be more convincing in text rather than on-screen. In this episode Lydia saves Edgar from poison by making a promise with the kelpie. Edgar gets Lydia out of her promise by some messed up logic. Miyano Mamoru's character appears next time. Who can be the better blond bishie?
Kuroshitsuji 7! Despite their every attempt to create a dark atmosphere, the nyan chanting was just plain odd. Ciel and all investigate a demon-dog-infested town. Do they ever show the Queen in the manga? I'd like to see who Ciel is working for.

Kurozuka 7! This isn't living up to the hype created by the first episode, and it is mostly because the declining animation quality. In this episode, Kurou remembers a time when Kuromitsu sliced his head off; ah~ good times. Poison Ivy makes a guest appearance.

Vampire Knight: Guilty 7! The other vampire anime...what's a little vampire story without some incestual overtones. Pretty good episode even though the ever-present cheap animation kills the mood sometimes.


Junjou Romantica S2 7! Haven't mentioned this before, but I enjoy the internal letters-to-nii-chan dialogue that Misaki engages in. It's makes him more interesting than your standard uke. And likewise, in the manga I like the Usagi's memories-of-Takahiro omakes. In this episode Misaki receives presents from his brother in Hokkaido, meets Usagi's father, and tries to confess his feelings to Usagi. There are times that Misaki is really adorable, and this is definitely an adorable episode. No onscreen smut, but warnings for two-seconds of finger-fellating.

Hakushaku to Yousei 6! How often do they mention the fact that Edgar has ash-mauve eyes? Ash-mauve? Sounds like a goth rock band. The plot is stumbling along, but kelpie/chick scene was cute.

Skip Beat 7! Hey, I hear that this is licensed. I never watch anime on Crunchyroll. Their video quality is pretty bad for those who just want to watch for free, and their website design is pretty toilet-worthy. But hey, I suppose progress is progress. In episode 7, Ruriko and Kyoko continue to compete in the film, but Kyoko's injury makes her pass out. Kyoko is an engaging go-girl-power type character, but the story and the supporting characters are unimaginative. Gonna drop this show for now.
Gundam 00 S2 7! Wait, wait, it's only episode 7 and they've married one of them off already. Wait, wait, they aren't all gay? What is this? Bring your girlfriend on-board season? There are a bunch of Tiera clones; some being girls? After revealing Alleluia's past, we get Tiera's. I suppose the pairing of Tiera x Tiera-clone would be a marriage that would be fun. I'm sure this episode alone will inspire fans to create crack on a new level. Last thoughts: Sergei is now a useless character. I hope the writers don't kill him off.

Junjou Romantica S2 6! The children are horrified to see Nowaki sleeping with another man...or something like that. For the couple that's been together the longest (out of the three couples on the show), the anime makes it seem like they have the most problems, and I suppose they do.

Skip Beat 6! Kyoko and Ruriko have a showdown to see which female will take the role in the movie. Ren has a tree-stump personality. I don't get the appeal.
Junjou Romantica S2 4! Egoist time. Nowaki and Hiro have an argument about something; possibly the use of Hiro's full first name. Argument ends with one of them pregnant them making out..oh, the poor manga fans get jilted again. Did I ignore the wonky character designs last season in favor of ogling the novelty of this show or are this season's animators becoming lazy. I hope the cabbage couple is in next week's episode.

Nodame Cantabile Paris-hen 4! Although Chiaki had his debut as the winner of the competition, the majority of the episode features huge leaps of progress in Chiaki and Nodame's relationship. I don't recall Nodame calling him, 'Shinichi,' before this. The last scene features them holding hands & walking into the Weird Forest. Excellent episode.

Skip Beat 3-4! This would make a great jdrama with the right actress. In episode 3, Kyoko doesn't make it to the 2nd stage of auditions in the LME agency, but the president considers hiring her if she shows up again which she does. The agency forms a 'Love Me' section just for her. I supposed they are training her to become likable person, so that she may debut.
Hakushaku to Yousei 3! Man, the flowery dialogue makes me cringe. Are there usually brick fireplaces on ships? In this episode, Edgar and Lydia reach the island and continue to try to crack the riddle about merrows and spunkies. The bad guy, Gotham(?), is there to trap them. Lydia's father is also there. And a wolfy specter shows he one of the other bishonen characters?

Kuroshitsuji 4! Ciel makes a lovely girl. In this episode, they investigate possible Jack the Ripper suspects. Gotta love or hate the yaoi factor.

Junjou Romantica S2 3! Darn, the Usami butler's name is not Sebastian. It must be a lack of smarmy smile. There was some funky bgm near the end of the episode. They cut the smut scenes in this episode. Maybe it'll be smut every other episode?

And a couple more...
Yozakura Quartet 4! Enjin, the bad guy with the fox ears, learns that his body's original soul, Gin, is still hanging around. Akina is not able to attack knowing that his friend is still there. The flashback was cute.

Vampire Knight: Guilty 2-3! I'm still wondering why everyone wants to eat Yuuki. Maybe the less intelligent you are, the better you taste? Episode 3 had some cute chibi Aidou moments. Kaname was still a creep back then. Maybe it's the only-child syndrome that makes him a creep. Or him being the almighty pure-blood vampire. Or having parents that committed suicide.


Oct. 18th, 2008 08:26 pm
...kissing boys, naked boys, and boys with animal ears...mmm.
Junjou Romantica S2 2! Misaki is angsting about being a bother to a professional Usagi, but Usagi doesn't care as long as he gets sex up against the hotel window. *peeping tom's dream* Usagi's brother starts his wooing via strawberry-attack.

Hakushaku to Yousei 2! After a hundred and one instances of naked females in anime intros and outres, we get the rare naked male species. The eye-candy almost covers the fact that Midorikawa Hikaru's ending song is piss-poorly sung. In this episode, Edgar upps his 'feel sorry for me' routine. Raven is sooo fine. :)

Yozakura Quartet 3! This episode is about Hime, the scarf-wearing mayor, and a dog she gets. Yes, it's that dull...zzz.
So because the economy is that bad, real police cars no longer scan speeders in some areas of the highway? Instead, I slowed down when I saw a painted cardboard/wood/plastic cutout. Hey, it was a pretty convincing cutout from a distance.

Junjou Romantica S2 1! And the people scream in horror or in excitement. Like Nodame, this picks up right where the previous season left off. Misaki and Usagi are roped into going to a party for Usagi who won a prestigious literary award. They run into Usagi's older brother who is another maladjusted rich guy. Misaki is cute saying that he will grow and 'jump' Usagi one day because in japan you can't top your partner if you are shorter than him, but hurrah or boo-hiss, they cut the smut. The opening by pigstar is again pretty catchy and the ending visuals have dancing yaoi mascot characters. Go yaoi mascot characters! And as with the first season, their chins look odd at times. Scary chins.

Toradora 2! After this episode, this is moved to my dump list. With Ryuuji's help, Taiga confesses to her crush. And since it is episode 2, her crush easily sideswipes her confession. It's a cute show, but lacks true humor.

Junjou Romantica 12! apparently the end! Rumors of episode 12 being the end end have circulated. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. Hope the fans buy enough dvds to fuel another season...or enough fans buy the dvds to spread the uncensored smut. In episode 12 Misaki tries to be on top. *cute* ~8/10 rating~ for an adorable yaoi series that had tasteful edits.


xxxHolic Kei 13! the end...fer real cause they kinda got through everything in the manga. Grandpa-voiced Pikachu is stuck between some fridges. Watanuki gets him out. They all have a get-together. I fell asleep, but I suppose it was cute. This season of xxxHolic was a helluva lot better than the first. Watanuki is an awesome character, but the story-telling still lacks a true depth that CLAMP seems to suggest it should have. So Watanuki has learned to not buy a fridge with black ooze. ~7/10 rating~ for the series. (gotta love the pseudo-Gohou Drug x-over)

Soul Eater 12! A show that could go on for 50 episodes or so. In this episode Medusa furthers her plot. I expected Kid to freak out at Maka and Soul's unsymmetrical apartment, but he didn't.

Junjou Romantica 11! Miyagi decides that being gay with a teenager is better than being terrorized by said teenager. Poor guy.

Macross 11! Ugh, girls being clingy girls. There's a new ending song, 'Neko Niki' by Ranka Lee/Megumi Nakajima. It's a cutesy song that sounds like it should be sung by Maaya Sakamoto.

The Gackpoid vocaloid is a bit odd/creepy.

Junjou Romantica 10! Miyagi marries his school's dean's daughter, divorces her, somehow finds the dean's son in love with him, and is still a respected member of the faculty. Shinobu's persistence and Miyagi's denial make me laugh. And the fact that both of them are pissed off the whole episode makes the episode even better. Shinobu is a refreshing uke, personality-wise, but no worries, he's still a crying uke.

I wonder what happened to all 3 fansubbers who were working on Osen. Sometimes I wonder if one group leeches off another, or maybe, they all just have finals at the same time. I guess time will prove one of my theories right.
Junjou Romantica 9! was too adorable. Usagi even made Hiroki's mother a fangirl. On the downside, there were some weird moments in animation when Hiroki's face looked a fairly awful. I think this was the first episode without any groping of male body parts; glomping--yes, kissing--yes, but nothing else...which is probably the best for characters at that age...ha. Next week is the Terrorist couple's turn. Yay.

Macross F 10! Oh the fanservice! *spoilers* Firstly, we get to see where Princess Alto came from. *pretty* Secondly, who does he kiss? Both girls. And finally, we learn the Harmonica-boy's name which is Brera. I only saw the first Macross Zero episode, so the crossover flew by me. In the original Macross the hero married the blandest girl on the show and not Minmay, right? So it's tough to predict which girl Alto will end up with. Similarly to Junjou, the 2D animation had some nice shots and angles that were badly drawn. I'm guessing they'll fix it up for the DVDs.

Listened to the Macross F OST, and the cinematic feel is so high that some tracks sound too much like John Williams. Yoko Kanno still has her edge with the orchestra, but that Pirate of the Caribbean track sounded like a rip. On second thought, it is probably a tribute since the track is called 'Big Boys.' When it comes to the vocal tracks, I'm not really a fan of May'n(Sheryl) or Nakahima Megumi's(Ranka) voices, and probably wouldn't be able to stand a full album by either one of them without Yoko Kanno writing their songs. She writes interesting songs. I think I like the duet version of 'What about my Star' the best. I look forward to all the other CDs this show will release...all 50 or so of them. But seriously, I like the abundance of quality music in this tv series.

Allison & Lillia 9! the pace that this show moves at is unreal. Another few months have past and Wil meets Allison, Fi and Benedict on a new transcontinental train for a vacation. Wil's obliviousness is refreshing.

Toshokan Sensou 8! Sorta lost interesting in the whole political part of this show, but it was cute when Doujou tried to pat Iku on the head, but couldn't reach. A bit predictable but *spoilers* ha, she finds out he is the Prince Charming she was admiring back in the first episode.

...more backlog later

Junjou Romantica 8! Ah~ smut on a train. The pling-plong bgm is starting to make the serious scenes a tad corny for me...ok, a tad more corny than yaoi anime really is, but the comedy continues to be quite cute. Episode 9 will clearly make me's Junjou Minimum time. Chibi-Usagi and Chibi-Hiroki! I'm very appreciative of the fact that at the end of each episode is an adorable omake-type scene, and previews are on the website.


xxxHolic Kei 9! Kohane is as likable and useful as Kotori from 'X' or Nunnally from 'Code Geass.' The main male characters adore her while most of the audience glares at the screen hoping the show moves along from the pity party.


Baccano 16! the last DVD-only episode. ;_; Claire Stanfield's conversation with Rachel was so off-the-wall. Poor Czes. Whenever he starts to get cocky, he gets knocked down. I wish I could read the books so I knew the significance of the new-ish characters. (edit: subtitles cleared those 2 characters up for me...yay.) Anyway, this is more of a conclusion than the first conclusion. Love the 'Ca-Role'-guy And definitely loved these last few extra episodes.

Junjou Romantica 7! Usagi has some uncomfortable-looking furniture. In this episode, Misaki worries about their first date. It's a very 'pink' episode. Love the SD moments.


xxxHolic Kei 8! Forgotten about this part of the manga since it's not too exciting, but the bells were pretty. Yuuki draws fanart and Watanuki looks for Kohane fanfics on the internet.

Nabari no Ou 7! another mild-tempered episode. Thobari-sensei accepts an offer to assassinate Frosty the Snowman in exchange for a scroll.
Watching yaoi anime is like watching shounen anime except for the fact that you should really be older than...17? to watch it.


Junjou Romantica 6! Hiroki and Nowaki shouldn't angst over the 4 year difference in their age so much. The Romantica couple has like 10 years between them and the Terrorist couple has 20 or so years. Maybe I'm rounding up too much. In this episode Hiroki attacks Nowaki with books. Nowaki throw up his invisible shield to prevent himself from getting hurt. Did we really need the clashing of cymbals to add to the drama? I thought 24 episodes was alot, but episode 6 ends volume 2 of the manga. So at that rate, it'll end with volume 8? Maybe the Christmas story?


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