Was hiding out most of the weekend...*sigh*

Community covered a humorous version of Somewhere Out There last week.

Darker Than Black - Ryuusei no Gemini 7! oh noes, a pervy lady tries to sell July. A pervy man kidnaps the kids....and tapes Maou to the window...hahaa. I enjoy small touches of humor mixed in with serious drama.

Letter Bee 8! Lag is wondering why Gauche is no longer a postman and meets Sylvette. Niche has some adorable scenes here. Random note: whenever they say, 'Akatsuki,' I am reminded of the show below.

Naruto Shippuden 135-136! As expected, the animation was stylistically interesting for the fight between Sasuke and Itachi, but there were definitely moments of cheap-arse animation. I like how most of the characters are associated with an animal; snake and crow here. After reading the manga and watching this part of the anime, Itachi's motives are a bit skewed for the sake of the brotherly drama, and consequently, Sasuke's actions after this battle seem even more convoluted. Logical thinking doesn't really play a part when boys just want to fight and battle.

Kuroshitsuji OVA! the cast of the series perform Hamlet for children on behalf of the Phantomhive company; Hamlet for children? Well, there was a 'seaweed' character. The episode was pretty horrible. The one or two cute scenes probably weren't worth wasting 26 minutes of one's time.

Winter Sonata 3! misunderstandings...zzzz....

Hey, Yen Press has somewhat found a fan-friendly solution to the 'localized'/fugly novel cover dilemma. Letting the online retailers offer free jp covers...if the retailer wants to offer it.

Spice and Wolf S2 12! the end..again. Ah, poor Lawrence gets duped for the umpteenth time with another risky deal. Again, his relationship with Horo greatly benefits from his stupidity. Although I wished they'd made more progress in their journey, this season was more interesting than the previous in that the arcs had more at stake, and their dialogue had more familiarity. There were some lovely background shots that I didn't notice so much in the first season, too. ~7.5/10 rating~ for an interesting story. The whole Church conflict kinda failed since well, there's no central villian to point at. There were times that Hagaren's Ed weirdly jumped out when Romi Paku was voicing Abe during that last arc.

A bee.

Sep. 20th, 2009 09:54 pm
The Kimi ni Todoke trailer looks very nice. Yay, PI.G. has their quality people working on this.

Tegami Bachi/Letter Bee looks intriguing (a sci-fi postal worker? how cool is that?) and Suga Shikao is doing the opening theme (a plus). The OVA was released earlier.

Bakemonogatari 11! After episode 12, it'll be online-only episodes? alrighty. Araragi recalls the 'black cat' personality of his classmate and tries to help her with her current problem. Are stupidly nice guys really that attractive to underaged girls?

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 10! chicken or egg, spies, range...and a new ending sung by Hiroshi Kamiya. Amusing song.

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 24! They get eaten. Oh noes.

Spice and Wolf S2 11! Horo again wants to split before they get too comfy in their happiness. Their way of addressing smut is so amusing.


Sep. 12th, 2009 05:22 pm

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi 2009 14/24! the end of the new episodes...for now. I remember the distrust regarding Koizumi from another episode, but Yuki brings up the fact that Kyon should not believe any of them. The cat trying to hang onto Yuki was adorable. It's probably the highlight of these episodes.

Spice and Wolf S2 10! The evil Church is plotting something evil. They've been littering much of Horo and Lawrence's conversations with flashbacks this season. zzz episode.

Nodame Cantabile Paris-hen OAD! ..the anime extra that was bundled with Volume 22 of the manga. This extra focuses on Matsuda Yukihisa's time in Paris. He is the current S-Ok's guest conductor and also has his own orchestra in Paris. It's a fun episode as his girl troubles prompt him to drag Chiaki out for some drinking.

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi 2009 23/13! Kyon finally breaks and yells at Haruhi. Y'know? The anime series seems to be going at a slower pace than one would expect from a novel series with a whole lot more going on.

Spice and Wolf S2 9! a build up to the cross-dressing trader wanting Horo. What's with the seemingly random traders wanting Horo this season? Maybe the increase in moe-level attracts them.

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 8! covers reverse surprises, confession training (including cameos from conan, yamagi light, darth vadar, etc), asking questions seeking specific answers, and mystery trains. The last part was another one of the animator's experiments.

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi 2009 22/12! Nagato saves the day when Haruhi's wish of 'Mikuru Beam' comes true.

Spice and Wolf S2 8! The only interesting part of the episode is that they eat beaver tails.


Aug. 20th, 2009 09:52 pm

Spice and Wolf S2 7! Lawrence and Horo are traveling to the next town to do some fur trading. It's the calm-before-the-storm episode as they banter, flirt and tease. The fox stole that Horo wears is pretty amusing. There were some lovely scenery shots in this episode.

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 6! is about activities that one should do while young otherwise, they become all-consuming when you try them as an adult; starting from getting measles to playing video games. The episode also covers the fact that a group of things is less intrusive/prickly than one of that thing. The last topics are that people ignore certain happenings to get through life and 'made by' labels.
Just read these recently...
Koukou Debut: Typical high school shoujo tomboy and good-looking boy relationship, but very funny and it's complete.
Aitsu no Daihonmei: An ugly guy likes a sadistic good-looking guy in a soft boy-love manga. Also funny.
Flat: A high school student becomes friends with his young cousin in a slice-of-life manga. Plain adorable little kid.

Spice and Wolf S1 6! It's only episode 6, so of course, Horo and Lawrence are ok after the pyrite drama. It felt like there was something missing in all that trading business, but I suppose the interesting part was the end. Was right about Deanna.

Dogs, Bullets & Carnage OAD 3! is about the blade maiden, Naoto. Fanservice for da boyz. Tried to get into this manga, but eh...zzz. I like these one-shot anime episodes.

There's a new female vocalist for HMC, but can't say any of the new songs on 'swamp man' stand out as something I really like. Halca's voice is similar to Maki's, but has the potential to sound stronger (less strained, I guess). The new album sounds heavier (titles include goodbye, pain, hate?...possibly their new daaark image?).

Spice and Wolf S2 4-5! Though Horo signs a marriage contract, Lawrence takes a business risk to set things right. I enjoy how the writers build Lawrence up just to kick him down. Deanna is pretty; always thought blue-eyes were pretty with black hair. She seems to be a crow god or something...or Yuuko.

PAhn-yo doesn't sound as bouncy or squishable as POhn-yo.

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 3! The new opening visuals are great. This episode covers switches, third choices and Sensei's shadow & overprotectiveness.

Spice and Wolf S2 3! Thought I forgot an episode there. Lawrence didn't know Horo could read? Their relationship is in trouble when she finds out what he was hiding from her, and she suddenly wants a baby with the 12-year-old-looking kid?

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi 2009 7/17! Take 6...two more to go to complete the Endless Eight title?...well, hopefully one more. This show is either brilliant or plain annoying.
Tegomass is probably my favorite JE group. Their first album just came out. Both guys are as cute as a shiny, pink button, and actually have nice singing voices. BUT many of their songs choices are kinda lame. I can accept the overly cute songs & angsty ballads, but the typical JE pop sometimes 70's disco songs are irritating. 'Power Bus' is almost like a Jonas Bros rock song...well, they aren't really singing 'Power Bus' (Power of Earth), but it is preferable over the JE-pop tracks. The album is generally pleasant. ~7/10 rating~ I enjoy the anime songs that are on the album and a few others. Tanabata Matsuri is the single released last week. I am jealous of the perm-boy's ability to look so feminine.


Spice and Wolf S2 2! Definitely liking this season better than the first. Lawrence talks to a couple interesting characters about Yoitsu, a town near Horo's home, which he finds was destroy by a bear. The Church's strict rule over the society is once again brought up. Actually, the prior season's issue was Church vs. pagan gods, and this episode brought up Church vs. alchemy.

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 2! Detective Conan makes a shadowy appearance. I enjoyed the time lag bit.
Took a quick trip to NYC to see the VAMPS. I'm glad to see that the all-American act of grown men having a fist-fight in front of a club has not died. The show was great (awesome view, awesome, energetic music & performance), but I don't think I'll hunt down another one of Hyde's club performances again due to the overall garbled and static-y sound in small clubs. Plus, his VAMPS music while club-worthy, isn't too great. Maybe I'll see to a stadium venue in JP for his band's anniversary.

Also saw the Lion King which I never got around to seeing. Worth every penny. A tad weirded-out by the flamboyant hyena dance.

I should remember to post more often to prevent backlog.

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 1! The goodbye on the last OAD didn't really mean goodbye. Another season starts! There's not too much to comment on this episode. It is similar to the prior ones. The animation is great. The ending is lovely. The social commentary is amusing. But I wonder if the same type of episode over and over will be able to sustain itself when the characters never change. This episode covers bad luck, the meaning of spring, and journeys to find oneself.

Spice and Wolf S2 1! Another pretty opening for this series; the visuals are actually better than the first. Lawrence and Horo continue to travel and have amusing conversations. I'm glad to see the flashback Lawrence has about Horo's hometown. Maaaybe they'll progress the main plot this season. Horo seems cuter this season. Maybe more moe?

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi 2009 5/15! Groundhog's Day Take 4! Tha animation quality...blech. Glad to see that the writers are amusing themselves.

Tried to watch more Umineko, but it just isn't working for me.
Sengoku Basara 5! They brought out the Gundam. It was bad. The animation went downhill. Still no character development. Dropped. Such potential for comedy, but nah, they try to make it too 'cool'.

Spice and Wolf S2 OVA 1! Possibly the new production team did this. The character design is slightly different. Lawrence, Horo and Nora are eating and drinking together when Horo falls ill. She dreams symbolic dreams while Lawrence takes care of her.

Photobucket Miss the days when CLAMP characters were also contortionists extraordinaire.

Macross F 9! is about Michael. I get a Lockon-vibe from him since he is supposed to be a good sniper, is a playboy, and because of the graveyard scene, but he isn't all that interesting. He does have some weird bang things in front of his face though. The next episode's title is 'Legend of Zero'....a Code Geass crossover?...yeah, right.


Spice and Wolf 7! the DVD-only episode was a stand-alone episode. Horo and Lawrence just have a lengthy conversation about money and business. They buy that cute outfit that we saw in episode 8. It was really a bland dvd-only episode.

Allison & Lillia 8! was a bad lesson in random action scenes. Fiona is able to take the throne. Did the author of Kino no Tabi really write a story for simpletons? or did the anime writers edit all the depth out?

Vampire Knight 8! um, totally rolling my eyes at the grandfather and the attempt at seducing yaoi fangirls. Zero gets an order from the Hunters. Yuuki tags along with her almighty metal pole weapon.

Spice and Wolf 13! the end...until that missing episode comes out on DVD. No bloody guts flying as Horo takes care of the wolves and bad business men in the least destructive way possible...darn. Well, if you wanted more nekid, nipple-less girls, I'm sure there will be more in the Spring. If you want wolf-girls who deal in business, there is Wagaya no Oinari-sama which looks to be more dull than interesting. As with Rental Magica, the anime felt very truncated and simplified. I did enjoy the silly banter between Horo and Lawrence and episode 13's ending argument was very cute. I suppose the audience is again supposed to buy the novels now to get more of this story. *sigh* ~7/10 rating~ for a charming series with likable opening/ending songs, fun characters & nice setting. The bad part was the lack of detail, plot and development.

Minami-ke -Okawari- 12! is about sports day at Chiaki's school. There's a touching moment with Chiaki realizes that Fuyuki has transferred out of school without ever truly expressing his feelings.

Persona -trinity soul- 11! Morimoto (geek girl)'s friends find out about her addiction to persona pulling. They try to help her through withdrawal. Very odd since everyone else tries to use it like a power while she uses it to get high or relaxed or sexually satisfied. Blech.
Why is it that Junjo Romantica's PV looks so much nicer than Vampire Knight's PV?
Cause real yaoi boys are better than pseudo-yaoi boyz!!!! --kidding, both shows seemed to have a little bit of cheap-Studio Deen animation..even the split second of VK's screenshots had some, but nonetheless, JR looks very cute.

Gonzo's Tower of Druaga legally on youtube and crunchyroll...hm. (have no idea what bost tv is). This wasn't high on my must-see list, but hey, it sounds like an interesting business venture.

Spice and Wolf 12! I was wondering when we'd see the wolves. This was a pretty suspenseful episode as Lawrence and Horo try to complete their deal and journey through the forest. Lawrence should reconsider his day job as his venture turns sour again. Was expecting some action, but you actually get nutin but a wet wolf-girl.

Persona -trinity soul- 10! happens to be the same day as episode 9, but focuses on the what Jun and Ryou did with their day while Shin was out. I'm always tempted to drop this show because the story is pretty slow and pointless. On the other hand, this episode did throw in a few more curveballs, and it was cute when Jun took them to see a kid's movie which made them all cry.


Spice and Wolf 11! With one two episodes left, it is painfully obvious that Horo isn't gonna make it to her homeland. I guess this is another one of those series where the popularity of the manga is only large enough for a short and small-budgeted anime that covers only a portion of the manga. Ah well, in this episode Horo and Lawrence come up with a scheme to get him out of debt and toilet-paper the Church at the same time.


Mar. 8th, 2008 08:02 pm
Yes! Hyde x GLAY singing Yuuwaku and Honey (two of my favorite songs)..and they actually sound wonderful. Plus, they look like they are having tons of fun. And because I'm a geek, the original PV's for Yuuwaku and Honey...same director..same random model?

and some anime...
Spice and Wolf 10! Unfortunately, Lawrence's plans to make a huge profit goes badly when he finds out that the company that he dealt with had gone into debt...which takes him down, too.

Naruto Shippuden 49! I don't think I've ever mentioned the fact that the opening and ending to this part of the show reeeeaaally grates. Isn't it about time for some new songs? Kabuto fighting a bunch of bees was pretty much as lame as it sounds. Watching this series has now become a test of endurance.

Spice and Wolf 9! The LE DVDs come with pretty illustrated cards featuring some of the images from the ending song. I like those fairy-tale, folk-like pictures. In episode 9 Lawrence hires the shepherdess to guide them to the next town. Horo definitely has a wolf-in-disguise personality as does everyone else on the show with the exception of Lawrence who tries so hard to be smooth and clever. Horo is funny when she shoots him down. Sneaksy people are plotting something near the end of the episode.

Spice and Wolf 8! Those tricksies marketing and sales people will either put episode 7 on dvd only or everyone on the internet seemed to have miscounted. In this episode Lawrence and Horo continue their journey and trade their pepper for armor. Most of the episode is spent explaining what is good to trade and why, but really, Lawrence kinda sucks at bartering for profit. As they travel to the next town, they hear rumors and meet a shepardess.

Ashita no Kita Yoshio 7! Hm, day 7 and we get new, more colorful ending visuals. Yamazaki Masayoshi's PV for Mayonaka no Boon Boon is out too. Catchy song, but the show and the PV just shout 'regular middle-aged Joes lust after young pretty women'. In this episode Kita learns the truth about his marriage, but needs to see his ex to confirm. Heita's girlfriend is awfully pushy...and her nose is bigger than his. Sappy part at the end makes me weepy...or not.


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