Jul. 19th, 2006

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Sapuri 2! This is a pretty enjoyable series. Like all jdrama, they really emphasize how one character represents one type of working ideal while another represents a conflicting type. Fujii is the honest, by-the-book employee while 'Ogi-sama' is the manipulative..but covertly sensitive type...(but he kinda looks like he's faking it) employee. Yuya is the newbie who tries to get recognized...and will no doubt encounter evil temptations. This also has a age-gap theme as Kimi wa Petto did and it would be very weird if Fujii and Yuya end up together. I'm guessing the series will be one of those 'how our meeting influences our lives' type shows.

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Ouran Koukou Host Club 15! takes place during a summer break. Tamaki and gang hunts Haruhi down as she is doing part-time work at a pensione run by a transvestite friend of her father's. The host club vie to get the last room available. The twins are the focus in this two-part story. I enjoy the twins' interaction with Tamaki, Haruhi, between themselves and the development of their personalities. They seems too be the most interesting characters so far. This part ends with the host club meeting a friend from Haruhi's past.

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Tsubasa Chronicle S2 11! was a cute chibi episode. Bee Train didn't take advantage of all the comedic potential as the Prince of Tennis chibi fillers did, but it was a cute episode nonetheless. The next fillers look as lame as can be.

other mentionables--

NHK no Youkoso! opening song, Puzzle, by Round Table feat. Nino is another one of their fun, listenable songs. The anime looks nicely made but storywise, not as interesting.

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Fruits Basket is at the next to the last chapter. Chapter 130 *spoilers* has Kyou finally free of the curse which sets off a chain reaction to the rest being free. I think each jyuunishi had to reject 'god' to free themselves...or in a way accept 'god' as human...this was assuming Akito was a god-like representation. That interpretation kinda got lost when he became a girl. Aaand the last page of the chapter links god to a faceless looong haired bishie. I'd hate to think that they were freed because they found 'love,' but that is to what the translations seem to refer. Then again, rejecting Akito/pseudo-god's kind of love and finding it elsewhere is an interesting concept.


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