Mar. 20th, 2017

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Legend of the Blue Sea 1-20! kdrama. the almost The Little Mermaid. A young Joseon nobleman helps out a mermaid. His reincarnation, now a guy who cons rich people out of their money, meets her again in present day Spain. She follows him (ie. swims) to Seoul. This has some really cute moments as the mermaid tries to figure out how to navigate normal human behavior. Enjoyed the part where she steals candy from a child and later tries to mug a little girl. She makes some unique friends along the way. Like Goblin, the show does itself a favor by jumping between the past and present day often enought to story interesting. The doesn't fill the story with too many side stories...though the evil step-mother plot does rear its ugly head. And it does suffer for mid-series lag (sometimes 20 episodes is just too long). ~8/10 rating~ for a fairly unique and entertaining drama. Kudos to Jeon Ji Hyeon if she did all the swimming scenes herself. Also kudos to her for all the awful fashion she had to wear.

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Junseon Gunman 1-22! kdrama. the end. An older (2014) Lee Jun-ki historical drama that promises pretty good action. Needed another Jun-ki fix after the mess of Scarlet Heart. Yoon-kang starts off a skilled swordsman, but uses his skills for entertainment and tricks. His love-interest is a sharp young woman who embraces progress in Joseon Korea. He becomes an assassin's target when his father, a king's military leader, is labeled a traitor and is killed by a gunman. Yoon-kang escapes to Japan and after a time jump forward comes back as Hanjo, a merchant with sharp shooting skills including the ability to shoot alot of rounds without reloading. He does many stupid things to get revenge and Soo In, the love interest, deteriorates from a smart, likable character to one who constantly needs saving. The last third of the show (again, another show that is drawn out too long) becomes messy as 80% of the characters flip from good to bad and politics get in the way. The king could have been an interesting character if he weren't so easily fooled by the queen and practically every guy around him. Yoon-kang has a few dozen chances to kill his father's murderer, but never goes for the kill shot even when standing directly in front of him; how many times can he shoot the guy's arm and leg? ~7/10 rating~ for another drama whose sole purpose is to make Lee Jun-ki look good. Hopefully, his choreographer and wardrobe people are paid well.


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