Dec. 23rd, 2016

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Chef: Mitsuboshi no Kyushoku 4-10! the end. Chef Mitsuko decides to open her own restaurant/food stall after she learns that her former boss is preventing her from getting hired anywhere else. She also continues to work at the school's lunches, too. Her character's energy and passion are fun to watch. The conflict between Mitsuko and Araki in episode 7 was pretty interesting as Araki's food truck seems to defeat Mitsuko's food stall for much of the episode. The show was one of the most uplifting shows I've seen in a while. Mitsuko and the other school lunch workers are a fun group, and they are able to defeat all the problems that come their way. ~10/10 rating~ would watch again. I enjoyed the way she dances to her own tune while the other school workers did their morning exercises, and how she interacted with the soccer kids.
..there's a fair amount of buzz about this show...

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Yuri!!! on Ice 1-12! the end. (yes, this should be called OMG-Binge-Watch-the-sh*t-of-out-this-Fanservice-on-Ice) This is very cheesy (from the theme songs, the characters, dialogue, episode 10! the end!!!...), so much so that it is quite funny and fairly likable if you are open to the fujoshi genre. A young Japanese man named Yuri idolizes a five-time world champion Russian ice skater, Victor, and becomes a professional ice skater himself. Victor sees Yuri in an online video and goes to Japan to coach him. In the first plot arc, a young Russian skater also named Yuri (dubbed Yurio) follows Victor to Japan. Both Yuri's get Victor to choreograph a program for them to see who gets Victor as a coach. Japanese Yuri then competes with Victor as his coach. There's plenty of skin (Yuri's family owns a spa), manly tears, and BL fanservice. ~9/10 rating~ for a fast-paced, surprisingly funny, heart-warming show. The production is pretty high quality considering the target audience and the subject matter. The skating sequences are watchable.


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