Dec. 30th, 2006

...sorta lost track of my anime viewing. Jdrama has consumed my life.

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Death Note 12! Misa sends another video to Ryuzaki and gang saying she wants to meet Kira. Rem tells Misa about Jealous and how to kill a Shinigami. Ryuzaki has the oddest reaction to the word, shinigami, from Misa's video. This episode didn't seems to flow as smoothly as the the director was on vacation and the janitor took over. Ryuzaki's cute expressions came out a few times in this episode; the ones that fuel the fanfic writers as many of the expressions were directed at Light. Misa's character/personality also isn't quite all there yet.

Code Geass 11! Cornelia almost got caught. Lelouch almost got caught. C.C. and Suzaku's pasts are revealed...not. So far, Suzaku, Cornelia and Lloyd are the most likable characters. Lelouch is supposedly brilliant, but there are way too many holes in his plan and he doesn't use his geass powers effectively. Maybe he'll prove to be smarter in future episodes.

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Negima 9! apparently I can't count. Negima and his partners go to camp for training. Again, I love the visual style and quality to the animation, but fluff can be too much sometimes. Negima starts to teach the girls some magic.

Lengthy wrap-up of Hwangjiny coming up later.
Random food~ There were several Bible bar displays at the checkout counter, so naturally, I got one; since kitchy advertising is amusing. It contains wheat, barley, raisins, honey, figs, pomegranates and olive oil, the seven foods of Deuteronomy. It tasted like an organic granola bar with a figgy flavor and too many raisins. It could have been better with more honey and less other stuff. Thus, it gets a thumbs-down. The end.


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