Dec. 5th, 2006

Anime music can be quite ear-gouging at times, but there is often a few songs that reek so much that you can't help but picture yourself in cosplay dancing at a con...or simply d/l it and play it in between studying. Here are the two anime songs that I am liking this season:
abingdon school boys ~ Innocent Sorrow (from D. Grayman)
Negima cast ~ ALY YA (from Negima?)

In more seereeass music topics,
Nodame Cantabile 7-8! Similar to my opinion of Hachikuro, I am very much enjoying how this series explores the pre-career/adult issues of students. In episode 7, we get introduced to the members of the R☆S orchestra. Kuroki, the oboe player, is very cute ♥..he even gets nicknames like Kurokin and Kuropon. Not to babble too much, the two episodes cover the ok's first performance, Nodame's new teacher, and the hypnosis of Chiaki. There are too many cute and funny parts to mention, so just go watch! Amusing fart dance. Ah~ it's hard to describe how fun this show is.

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After episode 8, there was the SMAPxSMAP show with Ueno Juri and Tamaki Hiroshi. SMAP Bistro, I guess, is the show. SMAP invites celebrities to the 'cafe' and treats them to food made by two SMAP pairs. The last one I saw had Will Smith invited (possibly still on youtube). The celebrities then choose which pair created the best food. Ueno and Tamaki were pretty cute *kinda acted like their characters* and had big appetites. The food looked very yummilicious. (hopes someone translates this, too.)


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