Sep. 29th, 2006

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Honey and Clover S2 12! the end. I waited around for the subs since the dialogue in this series was harder to follow. I found all aspects of the story's conclusion pretty satisfying. I'm glad they showed Kaoru some more even though he was a minor character. It allowed the audience to see the 'bad guy' whose name I can't remember in a positive light. It's always good to be able to understand a character's motives for their actions or at least reconcile them. (cough..clamp). Hanamoto's decision and Hagu's choice were unexpected when I had first read about them, but in actuality, it was the most unique and realistic choice. The anime didn't show the manga bit with Nomiya and Yamada...but it's ok since they were the least interesting couple next to Mayama and Rika. Morita and Peter Lucas are ♥ ♥ ♥. It was kind of disappointing to hear another seiyuu replace Hiroshi Kamiya (who was in an accident) as Takemoto and I hope they get him to redo the last episode for the dvd. The replacement wasn't bad at all, but it would be a more perfect production with the original seiyuu. Takemoto's thoughts about a failed love were truly touching and the sandwich scene fit so well. +++++


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