Sep. 24th, 2006


Sep. 24th, 2006 10:00 pm
After a whole day of oh-so-fun lecture cd's, today I wasted away slumped at my desk undoing all that intellectual fun.

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xxxHOLiC 22 & 23! covers the lonely woman who makes Watanuki sick story. The success of the anime is pretty much Watanuki's seiyuu. The end of episode 23 was really touching (no, not the me-as-customer spew..the Watanuki crying part...sniff). No wonder Jun Fukuyama is in everything lately. The flaws are still in the dull background music, inconsistent animation and the manga-to-anime transition. The manga is successful in having the art be a part of how the story is perceived and while the anime's stylistic choices are interesting, they are out-of-place much of the time; example being the scene right after Watanuki recovers in bed...stylized is one thing, but the 'i am walking on stilts' look is just plain jarring after that particular scene. Anyway, anime Yuuko never grew on me. I imagined her voice more smoky and sultry, but the seiyuu they picked sounded like an average whiny woman. Y'know how mokona was the mascot in MGRayearth for the whole series until the end when it turned out that it was God? I do hope they turn out to be God again because they (white & black) aren't the cutest mascots created and have been pretty stupid communication devices. I do love those bunny fairies in Wish who were God's messengers. ah...moving on. Episode 24 is the side story about chibi-Watanuki, his first boy-love and the mysterious hand.
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