Aug. 7th, 2006


Aug. 7th, 2006 08:25 pm
no anime?

ah, I did catch up on Mushishi. Episode 24 has Ginko at odds with another Mushishi. Although the other Mushishi becomes a victim to her hastiness, Ginko helps her survive. It's another good episode.

uploading to Youtube is pretty easy (especially with our new internet service, Fios...which has a few quirks but is more consistent and better than Comcast). Uploaded Ken's Speed PV. Ken is the guitarist in L'arc en Ciel and during this period of experimentation, he like the others, has overcome his reluctance to sing and is performing solo. Although the song would sound pretty awesome if Hyde sang it, Ken picked up some great pointers those 15 years with Hyde. He has a unique wailing sort of voice which is not as horrid as it once was; it's definitely a strong voice and better than it was during his SOAP period. The songwriting and production is still beautifully done. The PV itself is a like Yuki's PVs with its random imagery, but is less light-hearted. The single is out 8/23. I was a little disappointed that he did not sport 'curly hair' as his website seems to suggest, but he was handsome in that angsty, brooding style he chose.

insert random thoughts: was looking up some korean dramas the other day. looked up some good (read: cute) actors and found out they weren't active and wondered why., glanced at a news piece about a famous actor who had just finished up the mandatory military service in korea. ah, i had forgotten about that. usually, actors look older than they are, and since my cousins look young in their miliary photos, i didn't readily associate the actors with that part of the korean society. anyway, i look forward to seeing the cuties in new dramas.


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