Jul. 10th, 2006

Ouran Koukou Host Club 14! featured the host club trying to help out the school newspaper. There's no way that you could dislike Suou Tamaki in this episode. From the doggy eyes to the excitement over 'cake', he was so cute. Haruhi's delayed reactions at the end of each episode always makes me smile. +++

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Honey and Clover II 2! For some reason I'd thought Yamada got over Mayama a.g.e.s. ago. Apparently, I was w.r.o.n.g. She is a likable character when she is with Hagu and Morita....I guess she doesn't interact with anyone else much. I don't see why Nomiya would bother with her. It is a nice touch that Nomiya is exactly like a cleaned-up version of Mayama. The hiccups were cute in this episode. Can't wait to see the rest. Hope they fit in as much as they can. ++

The director, Makoto Shinkai, has a new project, Byousoku 5 Centimeter. There a nice trailer to d/l at the site. He had previously worked on Hoshi no Koe and Kumo no Mukou... which were both interestingly plot-holey stories about loooooong distance love. His sky scenes are the best I've ever seen..love the clouds and color.


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