May. 10th, 2006

Bleach ch 226 shows us that Ishida's father is quite hot.

xxxHOLiC ch 106 has more cute shoujo scenes between two guys. *get a room already*.

Tokyopop has the Twelve Kingdoms novels....*BAWLS* please someone, get them a real author to be the editor!!!!!! I think they have the Kino no Tabi novels, too. Pleeeease hire a REAL author...or someone with a degree (above high school and community college) in ENGLISH LITERATURE!!!..or at least someone with grammer skills.

Naruto ch 306 features a surprisingly normal-looking Sasuke. (Yeah, I still read this over-hyped franchise). Can you feel the love tension in the air?

Death Note has ended with ch 108. It was pretty cool with the L and Kira gey-vibes and ego fights in the beginning and then it just turned too serious. Near and Mellow weren't very interesting. Takeshi Obata is a great artist though. Definitely will read whatever she is working on next.

Full Metal Alchemist ch 59 is depressing. It's a flashback of the war. Is it me or is Roy Mustang getting pudgier? That's ok. I like a squishy Roy.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles ch 115 is depressing, too, but only because storywise, it's slugging along. Angst is on Kamui's face. Pirate Syaoran is out. Btw, if it were any other manga, he would have been nekid in that water (kidding).


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