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Goblin 1-16! the end. kdrama. Sponsored by Subway..the characters love their Subway sandwiches. This is an interesting drama that thrives on the cute interaction between the male characters. A successful military general, Kim Shin, is killed by his king out of jealousy, and becomes an immortal 'goblin' (not sure why 'goblin' is used. He's not that ugly.) He can only die blah blah when he meets his bride. The romance between the goblin and high school student is not as tearful as the bromance between the goblin and grim reaper. Their conversations are amusing and more sweet than the tsundere between him and the female lead. Episode 10's New Year's humor was so cute. There are a lot of small twists and minor plots that are paced steadily through the show, but one of the largest secrets, the identity of grim reaper, is fairly obvious early on. Despite the predictability, the show was consistently enjoyable. The show doesn't have any awful tangents like love triangles or interfering evil parents, and focuses on the two main couples. ~9/10 rating~ for a totally rewatchable drama. My only gripe is that the goblin keeps meeting his bride when she is a high school girl; Gong Yoo is getting a little too old to be paired up with someone playing a character that young. Random tangent...I'm pretty sure the characters wear at least 5 different stylish winter coats each per episode.

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Nounai Poison Berry live-action jmovie! is based on the 2009 manga by Setona Mizushiro. It resembles the 2015 Disney movie Inside Out, but it's not a kid's movie. A 30 year old female author, Ichiko Sakurai, has a spontaneous fling with a younger man which leads to an up and down relationship. Inside her head is a council of five personalities; optimism, pessimism, a person who lives in the past, a person who lives in the present and a chairman who leads the group in making decisions. There's also another personality that overrides the others and makes impulsive decisions. The people in her head make an otherwise bland movie interesting. *spoilers* as implied by the title and possibly by knowing the mangaka's writing style, the end is rather bittersweet. Sakurai concludes that the relationship is bad for her and she breaks up with the guy. I don't think the manga had a very good following online, so I'm not sure if the movie follows the manga accurately or not. ~7/10 rating~ for a decent movie.


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