It's going from 30 to 70 degree weather this least it's upwards.

 photo gran1a.jpg  photo gran1b.jpg

Granblue Fantasy 1-2! a standard fantasy anime based on an RPG. A young girl with a mysterious power falls from the sky and is found by a young boy who has sword fighting skills. He dies protecting her in episode one, but is brought back to life with her power. They call a dragon to help. Of course, Bump of Chicken is responsible for the opening theme. The show checks off all the boxes for a proper fantasy anime, but the production quality isn't very good and there's nothing original. Dropped.

 photo hero14a.jpg  photo hero14b.jpg

My Hero Academia S2 1 (14)! reminded me why I wasn't going to watch this. zzzz. Dropped.

 photo boruto1.jpg

Boruto 1! starts off with an older Boruto and enemy facing off a la Naruto and Sasuke. You see that Boruto has Sasuke's head gear, a scar over his eye like Kakashi and one somewhat familiar special eye that I couldn't name...maybe Orochimaru-related?. Jumping back to the past right before Boruto starts ninja school, we are introduced to a new character, Denki. Boruto saves him from bullies and later on from trouble when he is posessed by some evil black fog. Boruto is presented as a pretty good kid with daddy issues that make him appear like an attention-seeking brat. The quality of the production is pretty basic and theme songs are pretty forgettable, but overall, it was a likable episode. But dropped...I still need to finish Naruto.

 photo alice1a.jpg  photo alice1b.jpg

Alice to Zouroku 1! I was intrigued by the santa-claus-like grandfather character. A young scantily-clad girl with special powers escapes a research facility with them in pursuit. She coerces an ojisan to help her. After the successful escape, the grandpa figure helps her while providing a refreshingly fun scolding. Knowing Japan, it may turn into something hentai...Anyway, cute premise, but not quite fun enough. Dropped.

 photo kado 1.jpg

Clockwork Planet 1! A girl falls from the sky into the home of a young boy...already lost me. The planet is made up of clock gears. Dropped.

 photo kado 1.jpg

Kado: The Right Answer 0-1! A plane is sucked up into an alien-like cube. We see how the government and scientists respond. Employees from the Ministry of Internal Affairs were on the plane. An overly kind government employee, Shindo, emerges from the cube. Episode 0 was about how Shindo goes out of his way to negotiate while being kind to those involved in the political/business situation he's assigned to. The characters seem overly bishonen for the style of story, and the pacing is a little slow, but it's interesting.

 photo kabukibu1a.jpg  photo kabukibu1b.jpg

Kabukibu! 1! A young first year highschool boy and his bff try to recruit classmates into a kabuki club. They meet resistance. There are some lovely promotional images for this show, but ugh, the animation production sucks. Usually episode 1 has some quality, but nope.

 photo titan26a.jpg  photo titan26b.jpg

Attack on Titan S2 1(26)! they discover titans in the walls and a monkey/beast titan that can talk intelligently. Still as gorey as ever.
 photo smc39a.jpg
 photo smc39b.jpg

Sailor Moon Crystal 31-39! the end of this season. Got to hand it to Usagi and Mamoru for talking about Uranus and Michiru in a open manner. Kudos to Chibi-Usa for setting them up. And it's nice that they have new vocals for the opening and a new character song for the ending. Tuxedo Kamen's ending theme is amusingly bad. Despite the occasional drop in animation quality, the quality is still better than the previous two seasons and the story content is still true to the manga. It's a darn shame that Professor Tomoe does not have the maniacal laughter he had in the original anime. He's bland in this series. ~8/10 rating~ for the nice upgrade in this anime and decent production of the manga. The original anime actually did a better job on the character development with this arc especially with Professor Tomoe.

 photo bokunohero 12.jpg

Boku no Hero Academia 4-13! the end of season one. In the first few episodes, we learn about the students and teachers. Midoriya and Bakugo get to face off, and in their own way, reconcile. Hopefully, they mature beyond the crybaby and bully personalities in the next season. The climax of the season is when a group of villians infiltrate the school to kill off All Might, the No. 1 symbol of peace. ~7/10 rating~ the anime did not live up to the hype as most of the characters had cookie-cutter anime personalities and the plot again, we've seen before and done better before. Naruto, Soul Eater, Shingeki no Kyojin all had more unique school settings. And One-Punch Man and Tiger & Bunny had much more amusing hero vs. villian worlds. On the positive side, this had no competition in the genre this season, and each episode flew by quickly.

 photo flying witch12.jpg

Flying Witch 4-12! the end. There's no conflict or climax to this anime. It's a nice slice-of-life anime to put on in the background while doing something else. If Harry Potter was about Harry living in the country occasionally learning a bit of magic, you'd have this. ~6/10 rating~ for simple and cute, but wouldn't want to watch reruns.

Magi: Sinbad no Bouken 1-8! Sinbad had his own manga and OVA spinoff and now has a proper tv series. This is good, because he was one of the more powerful and charismatic characters in Magi. We already know from the original Magi series that Sinbad captures seven Dungeons, so it's fun to watch a show where we know the hero will win big. Episode 1 shows us how his father dies and episode 2-3 is a rehash of the ONA where Sinbad conquers his first dungeon. 4-6 is about his capture of the Dungeon at Imuchakk. Sinbad learns about the trade business from the King of Balbadd in episodes 7-8.

 photo Book_of_Murder_Poster_1.png

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder OVA 1-2! I had forgotten about these movies. This takes place after the Book of Circus arc. The Queen orders Ciel to host a banquet for a lord and several other high-class nobles during which several murders take place. This is the mangaka's fanfiction-like take on a Sherlock Holmes mystery in which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and a Jeremy Brett-like character star. Like a Sherlock mystery, a lot of emphasis is place on the explanation of how the murders were done. ~7/10 rating~ There were definitely some slow spots in this so-so story. The viewers would never believe Sebastion was dead, so the suspense or mystery never built up. Looking forward to movie, Book of the Atlantic, since this was one of the stronger story arcs from the manga....but sad that it won't be out until 2017.

 photo bakemono.jpg

Bakemono no Ko (The Boy and the Beast) jmovie! Also got around to watching this movie directed by Mamori Hosoda (Wolf Children). It seems that this is takes place in the same world as the Wolf Children. A young boy finds himself a student of a lazy beast in the Beast World. Both boy and beast mature and become stronger in many ways. ~7/10 rating~ Fun, but forgettable movie. The antagonist, the Sasuke-like character, was too predictable.

 photo akito5a.jpg  photo akito5b.jpg

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled 4-5! the end of the OVA/movies. The tv series ended in 2008, so having these OVAs released on a rather uneven schedule slowly afterwards killed much of the hype surrounding the series. On the other hand, the quality of the production is quite stunning to watch. If that's what took them so long to release the episodes, it may have been worth it to get the visual candy. The mech battles were great despite me not liking the mechs-on-skates design.The plot and characters were not as strong. They really could have trimmed much of the complexity and the number of characters. The last two episodes showed us the contrast between Shaing's geass and Leila's geass and their affect on Akito. It also ended the war between EU and Brittania. Joining the gypsies seems more like fanservice than actual character development, so those last scenes were rather odd in the scheme of things. ~7/10 rating~ for some lovely mech fights. While the whole arc seemed to parallel the original Code Geass story, the story and characters weren't as compelling.
Totally acknowledging the fact that nobody uses LJ or DW anymore, but I find Tumblr and other trendy social media areas only good for images rather than writing. At least some blogs continued to survive and continue to provide interesting well-written posts. (not that you'll have that here...this is my own resource) ;)

Below are the new anime airing this spring and my first impressions:

 photo SMC31.jpg  photo SMC33.jpg

 photo SMC32.jpg  photo SMC34.jpg

Sailor Moon Crystal 27-30! The start of the Mugen/S series. The style of this season has changed as the director and most of the main animation staff has changed (for the better, I think). Gone is the odd CGI-ed transformation sequence, and a new cleaner transformation takes its place. The character design is a little more cutesy, too...actually closer to the original anime and farther from the original manga that the 1st two season tried to emulate. "Jupiter Coconut Cyclone"...hahaha..the attack names are still as great as ever. In these episodes, Phaorah 90 sends dark egg things to possess people. Michiru and Haruka are introduced. Their seiyuu sing the ending theme. This is probably the best story arc out of the whole franchise and despite the production still not being Macross quality, there is an improvement and I think I'll enjoy the silliness.

 photo bokunohero1a.jpg  photo bokunohero1b.jpg

Boku no Hero Academia 1-3! has a ton of hype around the manga of the same name. Izuku Midoriya is quirkless in a world where 80% of the people have a quirk/supernatural power. He wants to become a hero despite that weakness. Crybaby main character - check. Rival/bully - check. Mentor - check. Multiple fight scenes - check. School/training setting - check. It's entertaining, but I'm waiting for the Izuku grows out of the crying stage and I'm also waiting for the story makes itself distinctive from all other shounen anime.

 photo sakamotodesu1.jpg

Sakamoto desu ga? 1-2! is about the perfect student, Sakamoto, and the classmates who are jealous of him or want him. Sakamoto's over-the-top perfection reminds me of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. It's mildly amusing, but not enough to hold my interest. Dropped.

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge 1! is about a lazy, sleepy student, Tanaka. This is a slice-of-life anime that probably should be cute and funny, but I think you get as sleepy as Tanaka watching him not do anything. Dropped.

 photo Flyingwitch1a.jpg  photo Flyingwitch1b.jpg

Flying Witch 1-3! is about a witch that moves to a relative's house as a part of her training to become a full-fledged witch. This is adorable and well-paced.

 photo kumamiko1a.jpg  photo kumamiko1b.jpg

Kums Miko 1-2! A young, country miko wants to go to school in the city. The bear god at her shrine tests her knowledge of the city. I thought that this would be a cute, harmless anime, but after the story about the bear seducing a miko and them having bear offspring that can speak, this contains both typical Japanese kawaii and ecchi humor. The bear just had to mention he was neutered lest we think even more perverted thoughts about this show. The ending song is cute.

Joker Game 1-2! An army lieutenant oversees a group of trained spies, the D Agency, who enjoy playing a psycological 'joker game'. This is set in the 1930's. They are ordered to find proof of a potential traitor's activities, but the lieutenant finds that the joke may be on him. The tone is a little pretentious, but the actual weakness is that the suspense and intrigue are not as alluring as they try to make it seem.

Bungou Stray Dogs 1! A detective agency made up of pretty people who have special powers. They meet a boy who can turn into a wolf in episode 1. Nothing special here.

Super Lovers 1-3! The BL anime this season is about an orphaned boy who hangs out with wolves and a teen twice his age whose family eventually takes him in. The underlying icky age factor isn't as bad as what happens in Usagi Drop, but it's there.

 photo macrossdel1b.jpg

Macross Δ 1-2! the latest from the Macross franchise. There is a disease that turns Zentradi violent and there's some sort of war going on. A singing girl group mitigates the disease's effects. An overly genki girl stows away on a cargo ship so she can audition to be in the group. A dock worker who likes to dance in his mech takes it upon himself to protect her. Like previous Macross series, the production quality is pretty high. There's plenty of Valkyrie air battles and catchy pop songs. But dropped anyway... Macross Frontier was genki enough for a lifetime.

 photo ace1.jpg

Ace Attorney 1! I've never played the game but I think all the informational pop-ups are lifted from the gameplay. In episode 1, Naruhodo's first case is to defend his childhood friend from a murder charge. It's as overly dramatic and predictable as you'd think it would be. Dropped.

 photo endride1.jpg

Enride ! A young boy with a crystal obsession gets sucked into another world where crystal stones in the body create weapons. He also meets his slash fanfic buddy, a prince of said world. A lackluster premise and generic characters make me sad. Dropped.

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri 1-2! the one also airing on Amazon Prime is a high quality production that about zombie-like creatures, kabane, that infect humans through their bite. Can't say that the characters or first couple episodes stand out enough to keep me interested, but the gore probably has a good audience out there.


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