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2017-10-14 10:36 pm

Two lions

3-gatsu no Lion Part 1 live-action movie! I don't know if a person who wasn't familiar with the manga or anime would find this as satisfying as someone who could fill in the blanks. The imdb rating of 6.9 suggests it was possibly ok to the average critic. Keishi Ohtomo who was the director of the Kenshin live-action movies and was also credited as a writer is responsible for this adaptation as well. He does do a great job squeezing the whole first season of the anime into a two hour movie; up until Shimada and Souya's match. The movie is well-cast and well-acted. ~8/10 rating~ for a darn decent adaptation. I look forward to the 2nd movie as well, but honestly prefer the anime.

3-gatsu no Lion S2 1! yes! another season of anime. Episode 1 finds Kiriyama hanging out after school with his science shogi bros. The episode was so colorful and fun.

Inuyashiki 1! wasn't exactly about what I read online before...probably an erroneous summary. Anyway, an underappreciated, aging father who has cancer is accidentally killed and brought back to life by aliens. His body is basically robocop now. He tries to use his powers for good. There was a young teen with him during the alien abduction. And I was hoping the dog got robo-ed, too.

Black Clover 2! Episode 2 shows us a flashback to when young Asta and crybaby Yuna decide that they will become rivals for the Magic King title. It's your mandatory shonen bromance. The opening theme showcases a lot of interesting-looking characters so it may be worth continuing.

Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World 2! The Colosseum story was two episodes in the older anime, but is one episode this time around. You do feel that the story is rushed, but I believe that Shizu and Riku show up in another story or two, and maybe this new series wants to get to the stories that were not animated this time around.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou 2! I think this tries to be too cute and too serious at the same time. Kino does it better. I'm sure the background story may be interesting, but I don't think these first couple episodes are worth it. Dropped.

Mahou tsukai no Yome 2! While I'm waiting for Chise's melancholy personality to evolve, the new characters are turning out to be cute and interesting.

Shoukoku no Altair 14! New theme songs and visuals in episode 14. It seems that the series is back to one speedy political maneuver per episode now. Mahmut attacks the empire through a trade deal rather than through a fight.

Ballroom e Youkoso 13-15! Tatara and Chinatsu reluctantly pair up together and Tatara tries to figure out how to lead a headstrong female. I'm a little sad Tatara leaves Sengoku's studio for Marisa, but it's nice that his education and development are shown in a realistic manner....though the jump into high level competitions seems fast.

Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou 15! Two pretty teachers and one troublesome student are introduced in episode 15. This isn't a really good show, but some filler fluff to watch during the week.
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2017-10-07 07:23 pm

More new-ish stuff

Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World 1! is a new version of the 2003 anime which was based on the light novel series written by Keiichi Sigsawa. While I didn't recognize the first episode's story, it appears that some of the other stories that were animated in 2003 will be remade in this new series. Kino travels with his motorcycle, Hermes, to different countries. The 2017 anime captures the same tone of the original, but with new seiyuu and updated production. Episode 1 is about a county where murder is not prohibited, the clue being not prohibited...not meaning that it is permitted.

Mahoutsukai no Yome 1! The three OADs that were released in the past year basically cover's Chise's pitiful childhood, so this jumps in where she sells herself to slavery. She is purchased by a powerful magus who will train her to become his apprentice. At the end of the episode, he also casually mentions that she's to be his bride, too. Yep, a story that only works in anime. Despite the so-so Beauty and the Beast-like plot, it's rich in fantasy and Elias has a dry sense of humor.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou 1! superficially looks like it should have the same tone as Kino no Tabi, but the SD character design doesn't do it any favors. Two small girls are traveling in a post-war country. In episode 1, they search for food and it's all cute until the blond one pulls a rifle on the other for the last chocolate bar...and then it's all cute again. Not sure if I can get past the cheap SD faces enough to get into whatever story they are trying to tell.

Houseki no Kuni 1! is about a small race of extremely thin, genderless, humanoid beings who are made of natural crystals. They have an enemy that tries to take them for their bodies. Episode 1 is about Phosphophyllite who tries to find his purpose in life. As he is too brittle to fight the enemy, their master assigns him the task of writing a natural history encyclopedia. Pho isn't too thrilled about that. The cgi is interesting; sometimes bad, sometimes pretty. Dropped anyway.

Shoukoku no Altair 13! The end of the civil war arc concludes with Mahmut successfully ousting the sultans who had underlying loyalties to the 'empire', allying himself with the successor sultans, and being promoted to Pasha again. Because he looks like he is missing an arm in the ending theme visuals, I thought he was going to lose that arm. Anyway, looking forward to new theme songs and new story arc in next week's show.
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2017-10-05 04:33 pm

New stuff

Black Clover 1! Young Naruto and Sasuke were left in an orphanage together in a world where everyone uses magic. Naruto grows up to become a loud mouth brat who dreams of becoming Wizard King despite not being able to use magic. Sasuke grows to become a cool, aloof, talented magic user. They reach the age where they are bestowed a grimoire/magic book. Sasuke gets the lucky four-leaf clover book. Naruto gets nothing...until his bff/rival, Sasuke, is in danger and he obtains the five-leaf black clover book. Because this is a shonen anime, it's pretty well-made and fast-paced. While the set-up is stupidly unoriginal, it's still entertaining. Consensus is correct...Asta's seiyuu is as annoyingly loud as Naruto's seiyuu was in the beginning of the series.

Juuni Taisen 1! Fighters representing the twelve zodiac animals fight to the death every 12 years. The first episode focuses on the boar. Because she wasn't very cute, her demise was fairly predictable. Zzzz....dropped.

Shoukoku no Altair 9-12! Heading towards a mid-series climax, Mahmut (Muhammed?) is ordered to overthrow the local sultans who side with the empire. He and his comrades are able to gain allies with those to have interests in Turkye's side. He finally gets a chance to show off his tactical skills in episode 12. I'm impressed that the sultan who was shot in the head had enough strength to go after his brother. When the show spends an extra episode or so on one part of the story, it makes the characters a little more interesting.

Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou 10-14! I'm not sure how many episodes this show is going for, but evil teacher arc seems like a major story despite that lack of actual danger. In episode 13, Yushi goes through some training to level up and in episode 14, new theme songs are added with new characters.

ReLIFE live-action jmovie! The concept was fresh with the anime, but doesn't carry over to the live-action movie. The pacing is much too slow. 27 year old unemployed Kaizaki gets a chance to relive high school by taking part in an experiment that de-ages him. ~6/10 rating~ Less humor, less cute, and slow pacing makes watching this painful.
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2017-09-24 03:28 pm

The end of summer

Just average shows all around....

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu 11-13! the end-ish. The final battle takes place in Hakodate where Izuminokami and Horikawa's old master, Hijitaka dies. Horikawa had abandoned the Second Unit for a couple episodes living in the past serving Hijitaka. He debates whether to save him and change history. There's a lovely climactic battle with both units fighting against the demons. Horikawa sucks up his doubts to help. ~7/10~ if not for how pretty the production is, this wouldn't be worth watching at all. The anime storyline doesn't stand up on its own. I suspect that the RPG game does delve into each of the other characters' past. Or maybe it's just a franchise that lives off the prettiness of its characters. There are alot of really pretty figures out there (click, click). It would be a nice twist of their master or the fox characters were the one pulling the strings of the demons. Mikazuki also looks is it that everyone else uses swords and he uses cherry blossoms? I guess the franchise is popular enough for a movie, too?

Knight's & Magic 11-13! the end. Well, the climax to this show is that Eru meets his equal on the battlefield as his knight mech faces a dragon mech created by an equally talented engineer. I found the Eru's enthusiasm for learning about the world's magic and robots was the only reason to watch this show and that once it turned its focus to the war between the kingdoms, it became rather mundane. The production was pretty high quality, but the opening and ending themes were grating. ~7/10 rating~ for an extremely fluffy, fast-paced mech show.

Hitorijime My Hero 10-12! the end. In standard romcom fashion, the couple goes through a rough patch when Masahiro realizes that Kousuke would probably lose his job if it ever got out that he was dating a student. The angst goes on a few episodes until they get back together...since in true anime fashion, teacher-student relationships are a-ok if it's true love. ~7/10 rating~ Yes, they turned a PWP yaoi manga into a disappointing shoujo-type, angst-filled anime. The humor saves it a little. I enjoy the fact that the local gang now have jobs selling and delivering Christmas cakes.

and something not so mediocre...

Ballroom e Youkoso 12! is the start of a new arc with fun, new theme songs by the same artists. Episode 12 was a hilarious episode. Tatara and Gaju are in high school together. Tatara meets his future partner and of course, she's a tsundere girl. All players meet to watch Coach Sengoku at a professional competition. Sengoku and his partner have highly entertaining personalities. And I think there was a bump up in the animation quality...trying to refrain from reading ahead in the manga is hard.....
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2017-09-17 02:10 pm

Bacon on pancakes, yes.

Mahou Tsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus' Bride)OAD 1-3! The series has an attractive design. It's a little like Kiki's Delivery Service, Natsume Yuujinchou, and Harry Potter. This starts off with Chise already being a part of Elias's household (ie. his bride). The OADs covers a story from her past. Chise didn't get along with her foster family since she is able to see things others can't. She finds refuge in a magical library. The show has a pleasant tone...maybe a little bittersweet. I like her animagus dog. ~7/10 rating~ I look forward to the tv series.

Ballroom e Youkoso 10-11! While it's unbelievable that a person who has only been dancing a couple months could be a real rival to couples who have been dancing since childhood, it's still entertaining. The ending of the amateur competition was so satisfying. I'm glad Mako won her brother back. Apparently the red-headed girl is important. Looking forward to the next story arc.
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2017-09-03 08:45 pm

The leaves are falling

Pretty sure these two shows stuff each episode with a whole volume's worth of story.

altair8a altair8b

Shoukoku no Altair 2-8! It's a little tough keeping track of all the characters and their loyalties, but it's fast-paced, and still fairly interesting. After the fallout of helping his friend in a border town and preventing war, Mahmut loses his Pasha position for not realizing what the higher-ups really wanted. He then becomes a spy for Zaganos Pasha and travels to other countries. While I think many of these characters are based on real historical figures from the Ottoman Empire, the anime moves much too quickly for any history to be learned. It rather focuses on Mahmut's ability to gain experience and knowledge.

knights10b knights10a

Knight's & Magic 1-10! Not sure why that apostrophe is there in the title, but hey, it makes it easier to google? The story was originally a web novel which got picked up as printed light novels, then manga, now anime. A modern day programmer who is admired by his coworkers is killed in a car accident after a busy day. As he dies, he laments over the fact that he cannot finish building his toy mechs. He is reborn as a young boy in a medieval world where knights, magic and mech exist. He takes to his new life quickly and enthusiastically. It's not an original set-up as there are plenty of anime with otaku boys who get stuck in alternative fantasy worlds, but Studio 8-bit produces top quality anime, and the main character, Ernesti (Eru), is quite adorable and likable. There's no dwelling over his past life. He excitedly focuses on building mechs to defeat demons and the enemy kingdom.

School is back in session...time for a new season of anime:
Inuyashiki: A middle-aged man becomes a younger man. The actor, Kanata Hongou, will be voicing the main (young) character in the anime and playing the same character in the upcoming live-action movie.
Houseki no Kuni: Genderless people are made up of gems...weird.
Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou: the day-to-day lives of a couple little girls who are the last survivors of humanity.
Black Clover: the 'pre-teen boys who beat each other up' show of this season
Juuni Taisen: from the author of the Monogatari series.
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series: Another welcome remake.
3-gatsu no Lion S2: more please...when can I see the live-action movie?
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2017-09-03 08:33 pm

Catching up...

A lot of this season's anime have really pretty characters...with pretty clothes...

katsugeki10a katsugeki10b

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu 2-10! New pretty boy characters are constantly being thrown into this story. And while consistently very pretty, it's moving sort of like an RPG now rather than a show with a plot. The mindless demons aren't really doing anything for the show. In episode 7, we get introduced to Unit 1 who have much stronger members than Unit 2 who are basically the main characters. It would be nice if there were 'bad guys', but we find in episode 10, that the anime is really about the character's internal struggles with being time travelers who try to prevent distortions in history based on their master's decisions whether they agree with them or not. The writers are terrible at conveying the plot.

ballroom9a ballroom9b

Ballroom e Youkoso 2-9! Generally speaking, the set-up of the show isn't unique. There's the hard-working, naive, main character; the strict, but knowledgeable teacher; overly-serious & talented rival(s), and possible love-interest. The above-average production with its exaggerated facial expressions comedic and otherwise along with the stylized dancing scenes probably make this show stand out. Unfortunately, none of the dances were animated in full. They relied mostly on still frames. In episode 3, Tatara stumbles into a competition. The set-up was a little too obvious, but the tension and portrayal of stage fright were pretty brilliant. Tatara's feelings are portrayed well; you feel indirect embarrassment with him. The show moves quickly as Tatara starts an amateur competition with Makoto against her brother and Shizuku.

Hitorijime My Hero 2-9! Episode 2-3 focuses on the dense idiot and moody, quiet guy. Of course, the moody one forces a kiss(and more off-screen) on the dense one. Episode 4 turns its focus back on the older brother turned teacher and main character who of course, is an excellent cook. The anime does a nice job of creating some semblance of a story out of the almost-PWP manga. Wish they had aged them up to college students, but it's a nice, fluffy BL love story with some really funny moments.

Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou 2-9! The parallels to Natsume Yuujinchou are numerous, but this show has a more slapstick sort of humor. A lot more supporting characters/Inaba's neighbors are introduced in episode 2. Inaba also develops supernatural powers. I read some of the manga to see if this was supposed to be a shonen anime, but it's not. It is a supernatural slice-of-life story. Inaba's dorm is eventually fixed and he moves out of the yokai apartment...but naturally realizes he misses the place and returns. There's an odd BL aura around his best friend that I think is supposed to be humorous, but is cute...I guess. In episode 6, he acquires a tarot book a la Cardcaptor Sakura and is able to command the creatures inside. I think the show tries to be a parody of the magical book shows?...but doesn't try hard enough for the laughs.
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2017-09-03 11:10 am

Long weekend...

Looking for a good kdrama or jdrama to watch...I think I've watched so many that the new ones look so bland.

Anyway, finishing up some anime...

owaris23a owaris23b

Owarimonogatari S2 1-3! resolves the open story items up to this point; Araragi's death in Koyomimonogatari, Hachikuji who ended up in hell, Oshino Ougi's identity, and Hanekawa's search for Oshino Meme. This actually seems like a good end to the series as the season ends with Araragi accepting his weaknesses/dark side and graduating high school. It's pretty impressive that the novels go on to his university and young adult years. So after ten years, the anime has only gone through about half the author's intended novels. The narration, wordy conversations and fanservice get a little tedious, but at the core, the characters are interesting. I'm also fond of the stylized backgrounds. It'll be interesting to see how they can keep the series fresh going forward. ~7/10 rating~ the date with Senjougahara was cute. The wiki page is helpful since the jump in timelines and the wait-time between each season makes following all the details confusing.

kizu2a kizu2b

Kizumonogatari Tekketsu, Nekketsu and Reiketsu movies! Finally got around to watching these. These are basically prequels to the whole Monogatari series. It tells the story of how Araragi saves a vampire, Kiss-shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade, who later becomes Shinobu, and how he gets his vampire powers. The movie takes the stylish sets, gore and pervertness of the tv series and ramps it up even further. There's more action as there are three vampire hunters who try to kill Kiss-shot and Araragi. I usually find Hanekawa pretty uninteresting eye-candy only existing for the male audience, so her overwhelming presence in these movies was fairly annoying. ~8/10 rating~ for an overall decent prequel trilogy...the action scenes were probably a 9; plenty of blood splashing for all.

kizu2c kizu3
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2017-07-09 07:30 pm

Last batch?

Made in Abyss 1! On an island somewhere there is a town built around a large abyss. The orphanage uses its kids to scavenge the abyss. The better the findings, the deeper the kids are allowed to explore. A young girl finds a robot boy who has lost his memory and decides to keep it. This has lovely production, but is a too slow for me.

Hey, most of the new, popular anime shows are on Amazon's Anime Strike...well, not this next one...

Hitorijime My Hero 1! Thought this sounded like a bad, cliched BL story, but the first episode is quite cute. A young loser, Setagawa, is used as a go-fer/servant/dog by a local gang. The notorious 'bear killer' randomly beats up the gang allowing Setagawa to leave the gang; he become's Setagawa's 'hero'. Setagawa unknowingly befriends the bear killer's younger brother due them being in the same class. The bear killer later ends up a math teacher at their high school. It looks like there are two main couples from the opening song. The production was pretty good for this genre and I'm up for a cute BL romcom.
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2017-07-08 09:42 am

More newbies this season..

The stylish characters...

Ballroom e Youkoso 1! Fujita Tatara is a junior high school student with no plans for his future. He randomly follows a classmate to a dance studio and gets dragged in by an aggressive, enthusiastic dance instructor. He suddenly decides to take lessons after watching a dvd of a professional ballroom dance competition. The production is pretty good with quite detailed character designs; loong necks, lovely eyelashes...haha. Anyway, I feel this will be as flamboyantly fun as Yuuri!! on Ice. The opening theme by Unison Square Garden is one of the more likable songs this season, too.

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan 1! Nicholas Roberto and Josef Kou Hiraga are Vatican Miracle Examiners which are pretty much what their titles imply. They are sent to investigate an immaculate conception case. The premise was promising, but the production was rather tedious. The pacing of this show is noticeably uneven. The characters don't bring anything new to the supernatural religious story genre and there's no humor. Dropped.

Shoukoku no Altair 1! has some fanciful turbans. Young Mahmut becomes a pasha in the anime-version of the Ottoman empire, Turkiye. There's war brewing and he wants to stop it. This reminds me of Arslan Senki in how it feels like it is somehow based on history, but thankfully, I know nothing of that history, so I can't criticize this anime-fication of it. The main character is young and naive...and has a trained eagle(?). I enjoy historical fantasy, so while the production is a tad mediocre, I think I'll keep watching this. I also enjoy the costuming.
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2017-07-04 01:21 pm

New season while waiting for hot dogs...

Isekai Shokudou 1! is about a restaurant that serves beings from other worlds. In the first episode, the owner/chef finds a homeless demon girl sleeping in the kitchen and gives her a job. It should be a cute slice-of-life fantasy, but it's also boring.

Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou 1! a young man graduates middle school. He looks forward to starting high school and moving out of his uncle's house (his parents died in a car accident). He is unable to find a cheap apartment until he finds one occupied by various youkai. The first episode was unoriginal and dull, but there might be some potential in the supporting characters.

Fate/Apocrypha 1! Not sure what the timeline is for this Fate story, but instead of one holy grail war, two factions are warring each other to be the group that will have a legitimate holy war. So eventually your comrades will be your enemies. The animation studio A-1 tries its best to live up to ufotable's quality, but it's apparent that they can't reproduce the smooth and sleek style. And accordingly, you don't have Saber, you get half-price Saber..Mordred. That being said, it was ok. I'll see if any of the characters stand out in the next episode...because the first episode is stuffed full of forgettable characters.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu 1! is pure visual eye-candy due to ufotable passing on the show above. This show is based on a RPG game where you play pretty-boy, sword-wielding time cops to fight demons who threaten to disturb the past. The first episode introduces Kane, Kimihiro (his junior) and their mascot fox-like thing, and later in the episode, their boss and supporting pretty boy characters.

Random: This article's title basically sums up my thoughts on photobucket. They should not have implemented their policy retroactively...or on photos uploaded before their new policy took place. Oh well, there goes 9 years of screencaps.
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2017-06-24 09:11 pm

Spring is over, hot summer is here...

Kabukibu! 9-12! Kurusu's infectious enthusiasm for kabuki lures some fun characters into his club. Unfortunately Studio Deen took a cute premise and created a lame paint-by-numbers high school anime. It should have been more like Chihayafuru in how it teaches the viewer about kabuki and how the characters developed. CLAMP's character designs were wasted on very poor animation quality. ~6/10 rating~ While a mostly cute anime, it failed to get me interested in kabuki.

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku 8-11! the end of another season. This continues with sweet one-shot episodes. Episode 10-11 again features Natori. Natsume and Natori go to the house of a deceased exorcist in search of his research papers. Natsume tells Natori about the book. ~9/10 rating~ for a great season. The episodes about his school friends and the last Natori arc were very good ones.

Attack on Titan S2 35-37! The end of season two. Ymir's past is covered. I wouldn't recommend reading the manga since all tension is lost when you know what happens and why people say and do what they do. And there are pretty cool plot points that come up later that I wish I didn't know right now. Mikasa continues to be a badass character. Since Levi is out of commission, Erwin has stepped up in the cool leader department. ~8/10 rating~ *spoilers* We learn that Eren has a or is a 'coordinate' and can command some of the titans. I'm sure it will take another season or longer for him to learn how to use this power. He's still rather a dunce-like character. It's a true shame that the animation quality isn't consistent.

Koe no Katachi is a 2016 jmovie about a young bully who gets shunned by his peers when his antics against a deaf girl goes too far. The movie is clocks in over 2 hours and we see how Ishida slowly matures and learns what friendship is again. You can tell this is based on manga because there seems to be some supporting classmates who seem to be important, but whose problems are not addressed clearly. Anyway, there's a realistic portrayal of the repercussions of bullying. The end isn't too overly saccharine either. The production is decent. My only qualm is that the character design could have used more originality and less shoujo-leanings for such a serious subject matter. ~7/10 rating~
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2017-06-22 08:38 pm
Entry tags:

Summer looks good...

Summer anime:

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu: I don't know what this is about but ufotable makes anything look good. It'll be on Netflix, too.

Fate/Apocrypha: Since ufotable is behind the above series, A-1 has this Fate/ series. It looks ok...

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan (Vatican Miracle Examiner): the title is enough to make me curious.

Isekai Shokudou (Restaurant to Another World): Food genre anime...yum.

Shoukoku no Altair: the ridiculously large turban in the promo lured me in.

Ballroom e Youkoso: is probably trying to ride on the success of Yuri on Ice...we'll see if it's as ridiculous.

Aho Girl: is a short form anime about a stupid girl.

The Reflection Wave One: doesn't sound original, but it's Stan Lee's collaboration with Studio Deen which isn't saying anything, but hey, I can watch one episode.

Owarimonogatari 2: can't not continue to watch this.
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2017-05-30 10:06 pm

Mid-season update

Atom: The Beginning 1-3! is a prequel to Astro Boy and has that nostalgic style to the character designs. Two robotic students are working on a powerful robot with a possible soul. I think the one's sister has a crush on the robot. The first couple episodes are cute enough, but meh. Dropped.

Kado: The Right Answer 2-4! Shindo and the alien talk to the human race. The political blabbing is tedious and this is a little slow. Dropped.

Fukumenkei Noise 1-3! is a typical shoujo love-triangle story where a young girl, Nino, befriends a young boy, Momo, through music. The boy leaves town. The girl can't forget him. She befriends another boy, Yuzu, through music...he also leaves, but they meet again in high school and she joins his band. She still can't forget about Momo. Momo and Yuzu are both songwriters. Yuzu is inspired by Nino. Momo avoids Nino thinking that she will stifle his writing ability. There's tons of angst. Nino has a unique but very irritating voice. Dropped.

Kabukibu! 2-8! Kuro is able to recruit enough to form a school club; a girl who is the class 'prince' and a boy who laments being too manly to dance female roles, a short, fat girl who loves sewing costumes...she's not really fat. So far the characters are pretty cute, but gawd, the animation production is so terrible.

Attack on Titan S2 27-34! Other than Eren, more humans who can turn into titans are hinted at and revealed in this season; the armored titan and colossal titan. You can see that the titans are some sort of human/alchemy/science experiment turned bad, so I wonder when the past will be revealed. The crazy relationships that create crazy scenarios shouldn't be so engaging, but the constant action helps. The fight between Eren and the two titans again is unreal. Cliffhangers are so tough to handle each week.

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku 1-7! continues with episodic one-shot stories. The first is about Natsume as a child after a youkai mistakenly thinks he's doing Natsume a favor by making him a child. Episodes with Natori are interesting. After 6 seasons I still think he might betray Natsume. Episode 6 is a touching episode about Nishimura and Kitamura's initial interactions with Natsume.

oops...forgot to post this one...zzz..

 photo xes25a.jpg  photo xes25b.jpg

Tales of Zestiria the X 16-25! the end. Sorey finally finds out that Rose is an assassin, gets over it pretty quickly, and she becomes his squire via contract like Alisha. This season begins a little slowly in terms of action and plot development. This season has focused on Rose and Alisha who have predictably angsty issues that are more political than action-driven. Things get better by episode 20 when everyone heads towards the north to face the Lord of Calamity. Sorey gets a book from Laila written by the prior Sherpard which is about Velvet Crowe. I was hoping for another flashback. Like the other 'Tales of' anime, the wrap up of this series is rushed and a bit of a letdown. I supposed the anime makes far more sense to a fan who has played through the game. *spoilers* Sorey sacrifices himself to save the world in a high-budget, but completely lame final fight. The fight lasted about 5 minutes and the rest of the episode were scenes of the epilogue. ~7/10 rating~ for a nicely set-up, but terribly executed plot. Sorey x Mikleo xoxoxo.
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2017-05-18 07:46 pm

Found it...

Boku Unmei no Hito 1-2! jdrama. is about a young man, Kame, who has bad luck with women. God, Yamapi, shows up and tells him who his destined other half is. Their future child will save the earth, so God tries to help him out. It's a romcom, not a scifi show. Unfortunately, this is entirely too slow and the comedy is nonexistent. Yamapi is cute, but isn't there enough to keep the show interesting. Kame and the main female character are entirely too bland. Dropped. BUT if you can find the theme song performed by Kame to YamaP, it's adorably bad jpop in the best way.
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2017-04-15 08:46 pm

Where can I watch this...

'Shuuji to Akira' after 17 years have formed 'Kame to Yamapi' and perform the theme song for 'Boku, Unmei no Hito desu' in which they also star. While Yamapi still looks like his adorable self, I think Kame got a nose job which got rid of that identifiable bumpy nose and his face has fleshed out. Anyway, the song is cute. I can't find the drama online yet. :(
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2017-04-07 07:19 pm

First impressions

It's going from 30 to 70 degree weather this least it's upwards.

 photo gran1a.jpg  photo gran1b.jpg

Granblue Fantasy 1-2! a standard fantasy anime based on an RPG. A young girl with a mysterious power falls from the sky and is found by a young boy who has sword fighting skills. He dies protecting her in episode one, but is brought back to life with her power. They call a dragon to help. Of course, Bump of Chicken is responsible for the opening theme. The show checks off all the boxes for a proper fantasy anime, but the production quality isn't very good and there's nothing original. Dropped.

 photo hero14a.jpg  photo hero14b.jpg

My Hero Academia S2 1 (14)! reminded me why I wasn't going to watch this. zzzz. Dropped.

 photo boruto1.jpg

Boruto 1! starts off with an older Boruto and enemy facing off a la Naruto and Sasuke. You see that Boruto has Sasuke's head gear, a scar over his eye like Kakashi and one somewhat familiar special eye that I couldn't name...maybe Orochimaru-related?. Jumping back to the past right before Boruto starts ninja school, we are introduced to a new character, Denki. Boruto saves him from bullies and later on from trouble when he is posessed by some evil black fog. Boruto is presented as a pretty good kid with daddy issues that make him appear like an attention-seeking brat. The quality of the production is pretty basic and theme songs are pretty forgettable, but overall, it was a likable episode. But dropped...I still need to finish Naruto.

 photo alice1a.jpg  photo alice1b.jpg

Alice to Zouroku 1! I was intrigued by the santa-claus-like grandfather character. A young scantily-clad girl with special powers escapes a research facility with them in pursuit. She coerces an ojisan to help her. After the successful escape, the grandpa figure helps her while providing a refreshingly fun scolding. Knowing Japan, it may turn into something hentai...Anyway, cute premise, but not quite fun enough. Dropped.

 photo kado 1.jpg

Clockwork Planet 1! A girl falls from the sky into the home of a young boy...already lost me. The planet is made up of clock gears. Dropped.

 photo kado 1.jpg

Kado: The Right Answer 0-1! A plane is sucked up into an alien-like cube. We see how the government and scientists respond. Employees from the Ministry of Internal Affairs were on the plane. An overly kind government employee, Shindo, emerges from the cube. Episode 0 was about how Shindo goes out of his way to negotiate while being kind to those involved in the political/business situation he's assigned to. The characters seem overly bishonen for the style of story, and the pacing is a little slow, but it's interesting.

 photo kabukibu1a.jpg  photo kabukibu1b.jpg

Kabukibu! 1! A young first year highschool boy and his bff try to recruit classmates into a kabuki club. They meet resistance. There are some lovely promotional images for this show, but ugh, the animation production sucks. Usually episode 1 has some quality, but nope.

 photo titan26a.jpg  photo titan26b.jpg

Attack on Titan S2 1(26)! they discover titans in the walls and a monkey/beast titan that can talk intelligently. Still as gorey as ever.
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2017-04-01 07:20 pm

Anime anime....

Just one winter show lingering on...

 photo 3gatsu22a.jpg  photo 3gatsu22b.jpg

3-gatsu no Lion 15-22! the end of season one. Yes! for another season this fall. Shimada and Gotou face off while Rei deals with some school attendance issues. And after Shimada wins, Rei joins his workshop. Shimada faces and loses against the current Meijin, Souya. Another season passes for Rei. Gotta love/hate relationship with the sports/game anime. Love that they lure you in with engaging characters only to have them lose. ~9/10 rating~ for a beautifully animated anime series that wasn't too much about shogi, but more about a young boy who seems to get stuck in a dark place in his head every once in a while. The supporting characters are well-developed the show does a superb job in showcasing their struggles and triumphs. I like that I can now identify the manga scenes in this 2014 Bump of Chicken Fighter music video.

 photo acca12a.jpg  photo acca12b.jpg

ACCA 3-12! the end. The king and prince are introduced in episode 3. There's a coup d'etat in episode 4, but not the one Jean is looking for. And he finds out that his friend was ordered to watch him and is okay with it; insert subtle BL. The pacing of this show is pretty slow, but it's intriguing and the show makes me hungry for sweets and breads. We learn about Nino and Jean's past in episode 8, but you could see the plot twist due to the color of Jean's hair. ~8/10 rating~ for a stylish, laid-back anime. I wish the production had been better, but it was one of the more unique shows to watch this season. From everyone's summary of this show before it aired, I was expecting it to focus on Jean's cigarettes. :/

Youjo Senki 4-7! The show concludes Tanya's back story as she gets her own battalion and trains them. And then catches up to episode 1's timeline. It gets a little tedious with all of strategy talk. While Tanya is an intriguing character, the show represents the war and the supporting characters rather poorly. Who is fighting who for what in particular is still unclear and at this point all the other characters are rather bland. Dropped.
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2017-04-01 07:13 pm
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Police drama?

 photo signal1.jpg  photo signal2.jpg

Signal 1-16! 2016 kdrama. the end. Ooohh, how did I miss this? Ah ha, no pretty boys..that's why, but the characters are quite compelling. This reminds me of the Erased or Orange anime, but instead of one mystery, this covers several mysteries/crimes. The first is quick to lure you in this thriller. A young boy, Park Hae-young, sees his classmate get picked up by a strange woman. The classmate is found later found dead. The boy tries to tell the police about what he saw, but they ignore him. Years later, Hae-young is a criminal profiler who finds an old walkie talkie tied to the past. A detective, Lee Jae-han is able to talk to him from around 1989, and gives him a clue into finding the murderer. The case's statue of limitation counts down, but after some extreme suspense, they are able to catch the murderer (though not in time to convict her of the girl's murder...the criminal's then-boyfriend's murder). Cha Soo-hyun, a female detective, is a straight-laced character who was a subordinate under Jae-han in the past and is currently stuck in the cold case unit with Hae-young. Because of episode 1's case, the statue of limitation law changes. The cold case unit is next assigned to an old serial killer case. The cliffhangers are great. The small moments of humor are fun, too. The best part is that each episode felt short; the pacing was superb. ~9/10 rating~ for a solid criminal drama. All the timey-wimey stuff has its consequences and it's great that the drama pays attention to the details. *spoilers* the last episode leaves us with a cliffhanger, too...I think they were leaving it open for another season or leaving it up to interpretation. I believe that it things worked out for them in the end.
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2017-03-27 09:28 pm
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Spring list

Just started watching a really good kdrama....
And I saw that Naruto Shippuden ended with its 500th episode, so I may binge watch this. I already binge-read the manga which was fun. Thankfully, there are nice guides out there that cut the fillers out of the 500 episode anime. I think I left off on episode 138...

But let's see what's kind of anime is on this spring:
Boruto: Naruto's son and gang in a ninja world with tech...this looks like a pale-imitation of Naruto. I tried to watch the was very mediocre. I probably won't watch more than one episode.
Gran Blue Fantasy: A nice looking RPG fantasy anime
Clockwork Planet: Interesting sounding sci-fi anime
Kabukibu: Kabuki club in high school anime.
Atom The Beginning: Prequel-ish anime to Astroboy?
Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: More chubby cat
Attack on Titan 2: More hungry giants