Dec. 3rd, 2006

Hey, It's Hari Pota day on the abc family channel. They'll show all ten movies plus many scenes from the new one...this special will also include the selling of Hari's hair on ebay...for real....really.

Death Note 9! was another episode drawn by the lab rats at Fuji Pharmaceutical. L wishes to be closer to Light; thus ends up at Light's university. It was a decent episode nonetheless. It was a bit odd that the family's support of Light's graduation was non-existent. no wonder he ended up as loony as he is. NEXT EPISODE is the one everyone and their brother will watch. Light and L's body get taken over by Tezuka and Atobe. hopes that there is much fanservice.


Dec. 3rd, 2006 11:59 pm
is reminded of Fenrir and Loki from Tactics by
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Fly Daddy (kmovie) is a remake of the Japanese movie, Fly Daddy Fly. After that overdose on almost all of Lee Jun Ki's works months back, little did I expect his new movie would be running around on the internet so soon.
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Hwangjiny 13-14! I began rewatching the first few episodes with subtitles. The gisaeng training is more interesting and Eun-ho, is still bland, but I'm assuming his pure love is what remains in Jiny's memories after his death. In 13 and 14, Jiny and her rival squabble some more before the dance competition (not really a competition..can't think of the word right now). What happens?

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In other news, I got a cute rotary kit for myself....muwha hahahahaa.


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