Nov. 20th, 2006

is a great title...
so is Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
and now we have Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu

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At Hisaya Nakajo's homepage and the official twdrama website, you can see the casting. I'm not at all familiar with any of the actors or actresses. I don't think I've watched any twdrama all the way through.

Anyway, episode 1 of uh, is there a chinese nickname for that title? Hana-Kimi twdrama was hmmm...blaah. Ella, the actress playing Mizuki, is some sort of popular pop singer, but she isn't very cute as a girl or boy for a main character. The moment her character sees 'Sano' was quite cheesy and there was pretty bad, cheap music. Mizuki really appears like a dumpy boy instead of cute. The eyebrows and her weird facial expressions seem to negate the cute. 'Sano' and 'Nakatsu' look the parts in the promo posters, but eh, they aren't all that..where're the Johnnys when you need them? 'Umeda-sensei' is waaaaaaay off. First, he looks like a high schooler and he doesn't pull off the cool, gay doctor at all. Overall, it's a pretty cheap interpretation of Hana-kimi, but if you liked the tw versions of Marmalade Boy or Peach Girl, you might like this (since the production reminds me of those shows). In my opinion, the music was bad, the acting mediocre and the character representation poor. The comedic moments also made me cringe. Maybe I'm not used to tw pop culture enough.

Hopefully, this drama will keep the Hana-Kimi interest alive enough for an anime or jdrama to be created.
I like how Chiaki can goolegle search using an alternative spelling.

Nodame Cantabile 5! *spoilers* gives us a glimpse into Strezemann's past and his intentions for Chiaki and Nodame. With this, it's easier to figure out where the story is heading. Stresemann sees himself in Nodame and his lost love in Chiaki...talent-wise. Stresemann seems to have gotten a race-change somewhere along the way. Nodame's mongoose appearance was the highlight of this episode. Love the S-Ok performance and Chiaki's piece. That new character, the writer, looks interesting.
I swear everyone wants a piece of Chiaki.

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Hwangjiny 11-12! The important part of these episodes is that Hwangjiny learns a new dance from the rival gisaeng troop leader. She hasn't danced since Eun-ho died (He told her he didn't want anyone else to see her dancing...*darn boy). The training and rivalry are interesting things to watch. Kim Jung Han, the guy with the collection of hats, is disappointingly boring in these particular episodes. He seems to stand around with a wide-eyed blank stare, BUT there's a cliff-hanger.

In other drama news, sis informs me that 'Heroes' was was was 13 episodes, but is now a full season...and the writer has said he has enough for 5 years. Boo, I'll get sick of it if they don't wrap it up in one season. Look at how moronic Smallville is now.


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