Nov. 7th, 2006

Being one who doesn't drink much, I still find Bartender fun to watch.

Bartender 2! This is definitely a show that doesn't have much action or drama. It's more of an educational show with a sappy story of the day. The female from the first episode asks Ryuu, the bartender, to figure out the menu of the heart...or something like that; actually the drink her father wanted to give his estranged father. This part of the episode is the sappy and slightly boring part. The educational part includes the following info:
The No.1 cocktail chosen by men is the Gin-Tonic (I'm fond of that, too)
The No.1 cocktail chosen by women is the Spumoni.
Bars have no menu.
Torii Shinjirou tried to create a whiskey for the Japanese people.
The show even goes through some of the ways whiskey is served.
The episode gives you the recipe for a Nikolaschka which includes brandy, sugar and a lemon slice. The ending visuals shows the live-action bartender making this drink.

Once again anime is able to present food/drink in an educational, but unique manner. There were other little tidbits of fun info and the bartender is still darn I'll keep amusing myself with this anime. I guess comedy or action would have been inappropriate with the topic of alcohol...darn.

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Negima? 4! With each episode I watch, a few brain cells die...and there's no alcohol involved. In this episode two creatures from the magical realm come to inform Negi and the others that the Star Crystal of a-whole-lotta-power was stolen. Negi investigates. A contract with Nodoka is made. Negi is such a playa. This storyline is told like an RPG; visual fun for all. There's a new ending and a new ending short about the Chupacapura. *cute*

For Ayakashi Ayashi and Bakumatsu episodes 3, I won't be reviewing since these were just plot builders. Both the shows are still decent, but slow. I'll mention them again when they start moving.
Last post of the day...really.
..just had to mention that Nodame Cantabile episode 4 put me in tears. I totally want to sign up for the Tamaki Hiroshi fanclub...along with Ueno Juri and Eita's (can't find his Such a wonderful show.


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