Nov. 5th, 2006

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Nov. 5th, 2006 06:43 pm
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Jigoku Shoujo live-action drama 1! As with the anime series, the live-action version was a half hour of not-so-scary, somewhat stale, but pretty storytelling. The first episode was about the girl who gets bullied by the rich girls at school. She sends the lead bully to hell via Enma Ai. Live-action Enma Ai is pretty non-descript without her nice kimono. Her eyes are not the huge, red zombie-staring kind from the anime. They are normal ones that kinda look red every once in a while. Her companions are about what you'd imagine them to be. The cute guy continues to be cute. Gonna have to look up that actor's name. This was a faithful representation of the anime and even has the prettiness with cgi flowers, but it also lacks the umph that the anime lacked, soooooo nothing gained, nothing lost...won't continue to watch.

ETA: My money's on Viz as the company that's licensed the Death Note anime. It'd be a really bad move for them not to have the anime as well as already having the manga. ( Now...which of the 5-6 fansubbers will continue...hmmm?


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