Nov. 2nd, 2006

D. Grayman 5! I think I might've watched episode 4 in a sleepy haze. Ah well, I don't think I missed much. The ghost of Mattel/Mater? tells her story. Her story touches Allen and his arm goes berserk and is able to defeat the bad guy. The arm is sorta like Ed's arm from Hagaren, so the fight scenes seem less than exciting in comparison to Hagaren's. I'm a little curious as to what Allen's sob story is. If it is about losing his mother, I'll take all the gossip about plagarism more seriously. Anyway, D. Grayman had potential for becoming a nice goth-shounen fighting series, but the mid-quality animation production prevents it from becoming great. I'll do some digging for spoilers before this too, goes in the can.

Nana starring Mika Nakashima's Hitoiro sounds exactly like a Glay song, even pulls the same Glay-ish riffs, and does not quite bring to mind the rock that Nana would sing. Anyway, it's not a spectacular song, but I'm sure it'll do well enough with all the hype. There's a radio rip floating around if you are interested.
procrastinating still...muwha haha

Nodame Cantabile anime starts January 2007. The director of Hachikuro is on the staff. (Totally enjoying the drama, can't get into the manga, but will anticipate the anime) What is that odd cm on the homepage?

....fixed the time zone on my lj. wtf. 2am tomorrow?
almost drove into a turkey today...that's what I get for driving the back road.

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Code Geass 5! is the best episode yet. Lulu gets another naked girl moment. He searchs for Suzaku nc-17 fanfic on the internet using Biglobe's browser while said naked girl eats Pizza Hut on his bed. With a nickname like Lulu, it's not wonder that he gets totally trampled on by C.C. even when using his very stern voice. Poor Suzaku gets trounced on by the Princess Leia/Lux/Yuffie and then has to go to school; the same school Lulu goes to...everyone, 'squee.' It's an amusing show whether it wants to be or not.


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