Oct. 10th, 2006

I enjoy yaoi manga that is humorous, which pretty much covers almost everything, but the shota and violent stuff. I also enjoy extremely well-drawn manga. Thus...

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Blu's Junjo Romantica volume 1! by Shungiku Nakamura.
+ The outside cover is actually nicely made. Probably nicer than the japanese version since the title doesn't cover the image as much. The back cover is actually the image from the inside cover of the japanese cover. They didn't translate the title...which is preferable to them trying to give it a new hip title...or maybe 'junjo' is the hip alternative.
+ The color insert is ok. A little blurry, but maybe the original is also a tad blurry.
- The text placement on page 6's notes are bad.
- There is an overuse of the words 'fag' and 'crap' in the first chapter. 'fag' always sounds too crude.
- Does Misaki call him Usagi-san? or Usagi-chan-sensei?
- Other various let's-make-it-flow-american-style editings sometimes sound too retarded to be cute (which I think was their intention). (changes like the profethor--wtf?, poser--instead of alternate list student, or queeritude)--ugh!, BUT
+ most of those 'cute' edits were only in the beginning. The rest of the book does not contain as many cringe-worthy words.

Quick impression~ Misaki gets tutored by Usami, a rich author, and eventually moves in with him as he goes through college. The setup reminds me of Gravitation because the main seme is a rich author with a sports car and arrogant attitude, while Misaki is the spastic, sometimes idiotic uke. There's quite a bit of smut hence the nice 'parental advisory label' and shrinkwrap, but it's full of sweet humor. Nowaki and Hiroki (Usami's childhood friend) are also reoccurring characters whose story almost mirrors Usami and Misaki's (the sadness of unrequited love going away after true love is found...bumpy road and all that). Overall, if you cut out that handful of wtf-words, you have a decent release..but dokidoki's scanlations actually read better...haha. Anyway, does anyone know how the story progresses? I think I browsed most of the manga excluding the most recent things, but if someone can refresh my memory, maybe I can rejuvenate my interest into buying the rest....even though Blu's release schedule is definitely not great.


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