Oct. 4th, 2006

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Marginal Prince 1! Based on a cellphone game(?), it first appears you are in the anime as the sister of the main character. A video-cellphone is used. Yuuta, an average boy is enrolled in a high-class special school. It's like Gakuen Heaven...but not.

- Cheap animation stills are used often,
+ but the character design is nice and consistent.
+ The writers don't try to overdo the comedy & fanservice like they did in Gakuen Heaven.
- There was a really depressing, chicken-soupy song sung by the 'green ranger',
+ but it accompanied a wet-shirt scene...haha.
+ The opening and ending songs were so lipsmackingly bad that they are enjoyable,
- I lie.

Quick impression~ Even though I gave it more pluses, I'd be embarrassed to watch such an boy-candy-filled, obvious show, but appearance-wise, it is nicer than Gakuen Heaven. Storywise, boy meets boys, boy gets into compromising positions with boys, boy helps boys with their angst, boy and boys live happily ever after. It is more subdued than Gakuen Heaven and Puripuri which is probably good for the rabid bishie fangirls out there. They do like variety, I'm sure.

Rock the LMC is ending song for Red Garden. LMC is a new group consisting of Maya (from Miyavi's band) and Aiji (from Pierrot). The song is a corny mix of rap and rock. Not sure if I want to watch Red Garden. This song definitely does not endear me to it. I was curious to what happened to the guy who broke up Pierrot...weep.

btw, took a glimpse at the Detective Conan live action special...CUTE! Oguri Shun can make more than just cool and angsty faces.
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Negima? 1! Hey, wow! They redid Magister Negi Magi/Mahou Sensei Negima, took out some of the harem-ness, and dosed it with drama by putting Evangeline right up front.

+ Some of the best production seen thus far. Great cropping, music, palette, animation, everything.
+ Negima is still cute as a button (chibi-hari-pota..ya!)
- Not much laugh aloud comedy in the first episode
+ Hair-candy! shiny.

Quick impression~ I saw a handful of the original anime and it was cute and funny. This is similar but with ten times better production. Negima Springfield (spring onion...ha), a wizard, is sent to an all-girls school in Japan to teach. In this version, Evangeline's story has precedence. She is a vampire that has a grudge with Negima's father. Even though this is still a harem anime (something I avoid), this is one of those shows that seems to be made so well that it'll be enjoyable no matter what the genre.


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