Sep. 27th, 2006

When is Disney ever going to make another animated fairytale? At least we have an alternative source for fairytale-like warm fuzzies.

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Ouran Koukou Host Club 26! the end. *spoilers maybe* Yeah, I'm sure the forums are filled with teenyboppers whining about Haruhi not picking anyone, how Eclair was a beeatch for having a seemingly random nekid shower scene and how there should be another season. Considering how anime companies and mangaka end many great series, I wouldn't be holding my breath for the second season of anything any time soon. I'll just really hope that the mangaka doesn't start plopping in random female characters to pair off everyone and end the series a la Furuba.

Okay, episode 26 was indeed very enjoyable. It's pretty cute that Haruhi still calls Tamaki 'senpai' even while he's trying to save her. Her character which continued to lack romantic inclinations all the way to the end makes her stand apart from the other female heroes in similar series such as Hanakimi or Hanadan. Thus, putting more emphasis on more interesting aspects of personality and humor. The episode really did solidify the friendship of the host club members and how they benefit from each other; especially those benefits between Kyouya and Tamaki. Their fathers were portrayed in a manipulative, but lighthearted manner and it's too bad we never got to see Tamaki's grandmother's good side..ha. The quality of animation, production (albeit similar to Utena), and writing made this one of my favorite series to date. It also made me more inclined to read the manga to follow-up on what happens to the characters. The increase in Kyouya x Haruhi vibes were ♥. The anime companies are pretty clever in introducing the audience to characters, developing them and then leave you to the whims of the mangaka before picking up another hot commodity. ah~ business. I'm still curious as to why HanaKimi was never picked up for animation. *sigh* Anyway, I'm already missing this show. ++++


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