Sep. 9th, 2006

Ouran Koukou Hostub 22! is part one of the story featuring Kasunoda or Casanova or Bossa Nova as various characters call him. He seems to be a gay character in denial. He obviously has a very devoted uke(or seme) who sweeps his porch for him, but right now, he is simply focused on having friends which is very cute. Mori's facial expressions totally made me laugh everytime I watched that scene. Great episode and I'm looking forward to the next. +++

Honey and Clover 10! Although Morita is an engaging character, I'm glad *spoilers* that Hagu doesn't actually pick him...or Takemoto *poor average joe*. Hanamoto-sensei seems to be in that particular situation that Mayama was talking to Takemoto about in regards to Rika. Not sure if that would lead to OTP-ness between Hagu and him which would be semi-icky...seeing how he is a parent-figure, but it's very sweet and he doesn't seem to be so weak of character to end messed up no matter what Hagu least I hope not. This is the first episode that I noticed Depapepe's music. I'm sure they were in the previous episodes, but I hope they get more airtime in the next couple episodes. They are soothing to listen to.

Nana 20! Hachi-centric episode as she pines over various guys and gets fired. It's nice to know that she isn't too stupid to realize what she is doing in regards to her somewhat insightful monologue, but it's annoying to watch her choose the stupid route. Shin's supposed prostitution is a tad interesting. The corruption of youth...quite fun. He'll probably end up with Reira. *spoilers* read that the Nana's are engaged. hm..that's a tad uninspired. I think the next episode is a re-cap one. Didn't they have one already? Nana fans are too inept to keep track of what is going on?


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