Sep. 7th, 2006

not sure if this has been overly linked, but there are alot of cute and fun commercials at this site.
Tokyopop obviously thinks that its design/marketing team are the bestest and smartest artists in the world.

Look at the Kino no Tabi novel cover. (the translation is obviously too hard for the translation team...or Kino's Travels or Journeys sound dumb?)

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I have a soft spot for Kino no Tabi since the anime was thought-provoking and well-made. It's an anime that I'd recommend to anyone. The illustrations for the stories are interesting and very pretty. Thus, my dismay at the ugliness at Tokyopop's attempt to make the book cool...almost as cool as their coloring attempts with the Demon Diary manwha covers. Tokyopop's cover of Kino no Tabi doesn't even have the main character on it...ack! I will probably browse this book, but I don't expect much since reviews of the Gravitation novel have been less than stellar. I wince at the thought of Juuni Kokki's release.

BTW: Shoujo Jang Geum no Yume was the Korean animation whose title I'd forgotten that will be introduced to Japan which has Younha's song, Ima ga Daisuki, featured. (hm..that sentence is very wrong).

ETA: They are calling it Bugmaster...haha. I still want to see it...if only Toronto were closer.


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