Aug. 23rd, 2006

to these characters songs...

Kyouya's Tsumetai Yoru: the worst out of all the character songs. Poor Kyouya gets a lame ballad...maybe because he has the worst singing voice (next to Honey's).

Honey's Doki Doki Waku Waku is predictably overly sweet and definitely not playable.

Tamaki's Guilty Beauty Love is eh, c'mon, the chorus ~guilty, beauty, looove? It's a substandard rock tune which is pretty amusing at one listen.

Mori's Itsumo Gawa ni reminds me of Faust's character song from Shaman King which was a surprising song. Both sound like a lullabies. It doesn't sound like Mori singing at all.

The twin's song, Bokura no LOVE STYLE, is possibly the best song (but I reserve judgement until Haruhi's song comes out). I suspect the lyrics are very cheesy as with all of these character songs.

The group song, Mata Ashita, is also cute and reminds me of the Tenipuri songs.

All the songs can be found at [ profile] ouran_resources.

I forget which was the last episode I commented on..probably 17. 18-21 are great episodes. I'm sure everyone is watching this show. I'm pleased that the writers develop the twins so thoroughly. I don't think the twins are supposed be hard to tell apart by the viewers since the seiyuu are very easy to tell apart, but storywise, it's interesting to watch. Real life twins are pretty easy to tell apart once you take a little time to know them. Hope Tamaki and Kyouya get more character development in the last few episodes.

Honey and Clover II 8! is the breaking point, I guess. Morita and his brother are able to take over the business. Takemoto decides what to do after graduation. Hagu gets injured. Suga Shikao's Apple Juice song was very odd in that scene. Even though this is a well-written series which really tries to touch the viewers' emotions, it's a bit depressing that this and Host Club emphasize the friendships-grow-apart/change theme. I suppose that this is better and more realistic than the everyone-hooks-up-within-the-group way of storytelling.


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