Aug. 3rd, 2006

Sapuri 4! made me want to quit watching. Kame's character is still likable, but those around him aren't too successful in building sympathy. Fujii and Ojiwara have zero chemistry and the other filler characters have lame roles. I guess I'll continue watching, but won't really crit it anymore.

music bits...
UVERworld's Shamrock is a nice song. I'm glad they aren't another anime one-hit wonder. The vocalist has a uniquely smooth voice and the transitions into rap(or that bit that sounds like kermit-the-frog rapping) are interesting. The song itself is a fun rock song while the video is pretty much a tame video of the group with girls dancing. I still like it.

Miyavi's MYVPOPS album is very good. 8 out of the 11 tracks have been out on singles and the remaining 3 range from a light-hearted shoo-bop piece to a heavy acoustic guitar song. From an artist who put out the song 'Pop is Dead', this album is pretty pop; as far as ease of listening goes, there aren't alot of his trademark loud heavy electric guitar bashing moments. I'm looking forward to his 9/13 album release. Titled Dokuso, it will feature him, a light drum and acoustic guitar. Here a live performance of his and his guitar. If you ignore the Miyavi-esque garishly loud album cover, MYVPOPS is definitely a strong album.

Arashi's Aozora Pedal PV is nice. While MatsuJun pretty much sucks at singing, his new long hair looks pretty. Although the song is pleasant, I expected something more interesting from Suga Shikao's writing. It's probably due to the arrangement of the music that makes it sound like a typical Arashi song.

I was going to post about Joon-ki's ballet abilities...but I'll save that for tomorrow.


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