Jul. 1st, 2006

I'm glad some random ppl have been friending me lately. *waves* Hope you like my insanity.

I'll be MIA the next few days due to some R&R at [livejournal.com profile] bumpybear's cave.

Here are a couple more reviews before I leave:
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Ouran Koukou Host Club 13! features Haruhi in Wonderland. I'll attribute the strong Utena feel to this episode to the Series Composition director, Yoji Enokido, since he had also worked on the Utena movie and series. Taking a respite from the ongoing comedy, this episode was surreal, sad, and sweet. It diverges from the manga as Haruhi's dream in wonderland didn't have much laughs and instead was enjoyable because of it beautiful visuals and the sweet characterizations. Very nice animation featured here. ++

Honey and Clover II 1! was a flashback of S1. Yuki does the opening song again and I like this song better. The visuals are again weird. The ending was nondescript, but similar to the first season's. The show itself was wonderfully narrated by Takemoto and summarized the first season. I do love great narrators like Takemoto and Kyon (from Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi). They bring an intelligent and 'human' viewpoint to the fiction. The second season seems to just pick off where the first left off in style and story...excellent. The bit of extra footage shows us that Takemoto has gotten a driver's license...no more biking? ++

Also picked up Lost Boys by Kaname Itsuki released by June, the new yaoi offspring of DMP. The manga is the larger standard size as usual for yaoi. There aren't any extras...like color pages, but the print is good. The mangaka's style is delicate and pretty simple. I'm pretty fond of reinventing classic stories so thus, my reason for picking this up is obvious. Air is the 'Peter Pan' in this story. He chooses Mizuki as the lost boys' father and takes him to Neverland. It's a nice tale about a boy trying to understand fatherhood and dreams. There not alot of drama highs and lows...nor alot of sizzle, but the adorableness is huggable fun. Buy this if you like fluff.

Transformers movie...nostalgic. The trailer shows you nothing but a shadow....another excellent trailer indeed.


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