Jun. 29th, 2006

Princess Princess D the live action drama is out here. I wasn't a fan of the manga or anime, but a live-action drama of cross-dressing boys...*wolf whistles*. haha. (will review as soon as I watch). haha, so many ppl getting it that the speed was superfast.

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Princess Princess is about students at an all-boys school who are designated princesses for the happiness of the student body. The first thoughts when watching the live-action version were that
+ The opening was cute. Cute standard pop song with attractive images.
- The production isn't as good as well, the 'mainstream' dramas.
- The actors can't really act the parts convincingly.
+ BUT they try so hard that it's kind of funny. It's like they are mocking the show's genre.
- Then again...they don't look cute in those dresses. They just look like guys in dresses. The actors themselves are attractive and have feminine faces, but they don't carry it well with the pink frills.
- The ending song was sung by the boys...it's not pretty.

Anyway, I'd recommend the first episode since it follows the manga well (and refers to the manga) aaaand it's quite insane in its execution. Not sure if I'd want to watch anymore.

xxxHOLiC 12! was kinda scary...and gay. Watanuki, Yuuko, Doumeki and Himawari vacation at a beach house. Watanuki gets pwned by the others.
here is the opening by YUKI to Honey and Clover S2!!!

here is the ending by Suneohair.

here is a short Honey and Clover live-action trailer. yaya!!!

here's the first 9 or so minutes of the Death Note movie.

I wanna seeeeeee!


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