Jun. 25th, 2006


Jun. 25th, 2006 08:54 am
shopping was sucky yesterday. customer service was crap. salespeople suck. then i get home and get a trial of amazon prime...yay. cutting out the middle man is so nice.

Nana 11! Hachi is broke and out of a job. Sachiko and Shouji will eventually get together since they are the two most annoying people on the show. Yasu and Nana should get together since that would be a nice story. The Nana mp3 players look nice. I want a cute mp3 player, too. hmm...that's it.

haha, Anti-smoking in Nana protest.

A couple leecherific manga recs (based on chapter one releases):
Mozart Doesn't Sing Lullabies by Arisukawa Rui (scanlated by Entropy. Other than having a kick-ass title, this is a well-drawn manga about a young Beethoven who apparently will solve the mystery of Mozart's lullabies.

Conversational English School Wars by Matsumoto Tomo (scanlated by Condensation. Arisu starts attending an English-language class. There are foreign bishies and she..the shoujo main character that she is...hates them. They get intrigued by her. And there is English to be learned.

....I should find something that has an ending in sight. darn.
Totally missed the first day of summer...I guess the downpours messed the seasons up.

Like the other blog/lj's, here're my picks for the summer:

Honey and Clover S2! 13 episodes this time around, but who cares..more quality anime, I'll take it. Starts 6/29!!!

Binbou Shimai Monogatari! About 2 poor parentless girls trying to make it...sounds a tad too sweet but, Maaya Sakamoto's in it so, I'll try it. Starts 6/29.

Bokura ga ita! cause I need more shoujo...and it's got a can't-miss staff. Starts 7/3.

Chevalier D'Eon! Already mentioned this one a few times. The first time I googled it, 'History's Most Important Cross-dresser' came up so thus, it must be good, right? Hopefully, it's about the same person. A special airs 7/2, but the show starts 8/19.

and continuing...
Ouran Koukou Host Club
Tsubasa Chronicle

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

looking forward to...
DGrayman anime! The manga had all the right parts, but wasn't put together well enough to keep my attention. The story would be perfect for an anime.


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