Jun. 18th, 2006

Nana 10! Shin has a nice voice and he's cute. If only the story skipped all the Sachiko, Shouji, Ren and preggie parts....it'd be like an interesting lesbian version of Gravitation. One of these days I'll stop watching this show...still have no clue why I continue...*meh*


Jun. 18th, 2006 10:04 pm
took the day off from doing anything...and i'm not even a father...not that that could ever happen...since i don't have the right parts. Anyway, I watched..

The Promise or (Master of the Crimson Armor...which the USA should NOT use) which had the best bad guy ever concieved in a chinese movie. Ok, I've only seen a few chinese films since Crouching Tiger..etc, etc. And of course, the hot bad guy is a pop star, Nicholas Tse, who I've never heard sing (until now..link to sun and moon PV...pretty ballad). The story is surprisingly enough about promises..or rather deals, bargains, contracts. A starving girl makes a promise deal with an enchantress...la dee da about being about to live without starving in exchange for one crappy love life. An army general, a slave, a Wormtail-like character and the hot bad guy get involved with the now princess. If you enjoy big budgeted chinese movies for the fun of it, this will entertain. The storytelling is a bit round-about (as these movies always seem to be), but everything is intertwined and eventually explained. There are trailer links at the imdb link and yes, it's very pretty, but there are silly flying moments, BUT THE reason to watch would be the sparkley bad guy moments..he even has costumes that rival gackt in his goth days.

Il Mare (or korean movie that The Lake House was based on) was a nice movie, too. Very simply made with a cute love story. The pacing was at times slow, but that's my inner anti-sap showing. The inner fangirl squeed at the Cardcaptor Sakura movie poster and Sailormoon posters. Anyway, a female voice actor moves out of a house by the sea, while a young male architect student moves in...2 years in the past. Her letter to the next tenant is receive by him. They correspond. It's very sweet. Although it'd be interesting to see how the American adaptation is, I'm in no hurry to see it. Rent or watch it on tv....unless you looove sappy movies like this.

Also watched some World Cup action...like the good couch potato I am. Tied games are so f.u.n. to watch. (my brain is a potato now...hope all that above is written ok)


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