Jun. 5th, 2006

seems like the good things are released sunday and monday...
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Ouran Koukou Host Club 9! Girls from Saint LesbianLobelia Academy visit the Host Club to challenge them. They take a liking to Haruhi and want her in their school. The female characters that keep popping up like Renge and the Lobelia girls are quite loud. I hope this isn't a common occurence. Anyway, I totally enjoy the standard anime product placement. ie: pineApple laptop, Hestle coffee...I bet they eat at WacDonald's and drink Ponta. Hilarious episode nonetheless.

Jyu-oh-Sei 8! ah, smut in the locker room....or next to the alien tree. By now, there is definitely a feeling that I'm not getting everything. Ah well, there're some nice people at [livejournal.com profile] jyu_oh_sei working on the manga. In this episode, Thor not only turns down Tiza, he also agrees to help Zagi with his plan. Third doesn't look so happy in that last shot. ha.

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Mushishi 21! aaaahhh...english. Green blobby children...ew. Ginko's little bits of deviousness and humor are cute.

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xxxHOLiC 9! After watching Host Club, I have to admit to falling asleep halfway through this episode. Tried it again after the above. This was a filler episode that introduced the pinky-swear theme from an earlier episode. The puke green pipe fox also appeared. Definitely some flawed storytelling here. Ah well. I see a little Watanuki in the next episode.


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