May. 15th, 2006

Haha, the dialogue involving being 'Top' is so blatant.

Jyu oh sei 5! Thor is worried about the Try, but Third fixes the fight....what a cheap trick. Ah well, I forgave him for his cheating, since he is cute in a coat, he slapped Thor back to life, and wanted Thor to be his Top...and his continuing dismissal of Top Chen. I'm enjoying the fast pace of this series. Tiza grows a big chest in the next episode. How exciting.
The full PV,Kitto Daijoubu, by Arashi is on youtube. Being the super-fangirl I am (not), I didn't know who Sakurai Sho was until a couple days ago when I made it my mission to differentiate each member of the group. He's the plain-looking rapper in the beginning. He'll be Takemoto in the Hachikuro movie. Arashi will sing a song, Aozora Pedal (Petal?), written by Suga Shikao for the movie. Did I mention that Yoko Kanno is doing the music? It's almost impossible that it will suck.

Also, Suga Shikao has a new single, A Midsummer Night's Dream (now, where'd he get that title?), out 6/21 for the Death Note movie. I'm guessing it's the ending song since the Red Hot Chilli Peppers' Dani California is the opening. Suga Shikao seems to be a busy person this summer...AND it's his tenth anniversary since his debut.

Maybe I will research NewS and Kat-Tun next... Suga wrote Real Face for Kat-tun. Speaking of, here're the main guys from NewS and Kat-Tun, Shuji to Akira, performing Seishun Amigo, apparently the #1 song in 2005 on the Oricon charts.

The Lesson? Pick up your cell phone when it rings for there might be a hot boy band member in distress.

No more Johnny's from this point on...


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