May. 1st, 2006

Tsubasa Chronicle 27! starts off the second season.
+ The opening song makes the show look like another boy-love show *kidding*. Kinya's IT'S isn't as horrid as Blaze or Aerial or Spicy Marmalade.
- The show itself was almost the same mediocre quality animation production that was prominent in the first season; varying degrees of semi-decent character design, sometimes too loud background music, weak color palette, etc.
- Maaya Sakamoto as Tomoyo isn't as convincing as a Sakura fangirl as the character was in Card Captor Sakura. And her ending song still makes me miss the Yoko Kanno hand in her music.
- As always, one of the disappointing parts of the anime is that the lush, brilliantly drawn scenes from the manga aren't carry to the tv screen.

quick summary: Syaoran, Sakura, Kurogane and Fay enter a race where the prize is the almighty feather of powerrrr.
my opinion: It's good for a sarcastic laugh and I'm fond of Nokoru.

Good Witch of the West - Astrea Testament 1! was another show I watched while staying with an insane person who didn't have tv.
+ old school CLAMP-esque character design
- forgettable opening and ending
+ Akira Ishida
+ Very nice website with pretty illustrations of the background sets
+ Nostalgic fairytale story

quick summary: Firiel who lives as a peasant is really in line for the throne, but she doesn't know it, until she receives a necklace and it is recognized. There are bad guys and hot guys after her.
my opinion: It's entirely too predictable, but if you liked the fairytale fantasy world of Scrapped Princess or something like Shamanic Princess, this is a well-made series in that genre.


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