Mar. 11th, 2006

fell asleep watching mirrormask three times. i really tried to watch it. it was beautiful, but a bore. they should've cast a young boy as the 'alice'...and gotten someone to edit the script...wasn't it too much like the labyrinth? and the end? c'mon!

serenity was all sorts of awesome. go watch it! i'll probably get the tv series since i never watched the end before it got cancelled.

bought howl's moving castle. wonderful to watch it again..with the option to watch it in japanese. patrick stewart (in nausicaa) is the only actor to ever top a japanese seiyuu in a miyazaki movie. christian bale's voice is at the bottom of the disney's dubbing choices and is not even in the same league as kimura takuya's hot voice.

also got harry potter and the goblet of fire. weeps again all the loss of many favorite book scenes. got the normal version..apparently the special version came with extra scenes...oh well. got a free lithograph/picture-on-cardboard with it. it'll find its way to the garbage i'm sure.

watched the nana movie which was quite good. better than expected. the actor who played ren was miscast, but everyone else fit their parts. the story was told in a unique manner; sorta narrated by hachi nana focusing on the other nana with a whole bunch of jumping around in timeline. i'm guessing the next movie will focus on the hachi. for my own preferences, i liked the movie over the manga. the manga reeks the label 'very stupid shoujo drama' all over. the movie subdues some of it. (fyi: there's a very funny translated interview with hyde about mika nakashima and glamorous sky floating around which is not at all complimentary...*snickers*) anyway, the anime will be out in april with new vocal talents as trapnest and black stone.


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