Pretty sure these two shows stuff each episode with a whole volume's worth of story.

altair8a altair8b

Shoukoku no Altair 2-8! It's a little tough keeping track of all the characters and their loyalties, but it's fast-paced, and still fairly interesting. After the fallout of helping his friend in a border town and preventing war, Mahmut loses his Pasha position for not realizing what the higher-ups really wanted. He then becomes a spy for Zaganos Pasha and travels to other countries. While I think many of these characters are based on real historical figures from the Ottoman Empire, the anime moves much too quickly for any history to be learned. It rather focuses on Mahmut's ability to gain experience and knowledge.

knights10b knights10a

Knight's & Magic 1-10! Not sure why that apostrophe is there in the title, but hey, it makes it easier to google? The story was originally a web novel which got picked up as printed light novels, then manga, now anime. A modern day programmer who is admired by his coworkers is killed in a car accident after a busy day. As he dies, he laments over the fact that he cannot finish building his toy mechs. He is reborn as a young boy in a medieval world where knights, magic and mech exist. He takes to his new life quickly and enthusiastically. It's not an original set-up as there are plenty of anime with otaku boys who get stuck in alternative fantasy worlds, but Studio 8-bit produces top quality anime, and the main character, Ernesti (Eru), is quite adorable and likable. There's no dwelling over his past life. He excitedly focuses on building mechs to defeat demons and the enemy kingdom.

School is back in session...time for a new season of anime:
Inuyashiki: A middle-aged man becomes a younger man. The actor, Kanata Hongou, will be voicing the main (young) character in the anime and playing the same character in the upcoming live-action movie.
Houseki no Kuni: Genderless people are made up of gems...weird.
Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou: the day-to-day lives of a couple little girls who are the last survivors of humanity.
Black Clover: the 'pre-teen boys who beat each other up' show of this season
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series: Another welcome remake.
3-gatsu no Lion S2: more please...when can I see the live-action movie?
The stylish characters...

Ballroom e Youkoso 1! Fujita Tatara is a junior high school student with no plans for his future. He randomly follows a classmate to a dance studio and gets dragged in by an aggressive, enthusiastic dance instructor. He suddenly decides to take lessons after watching a dvd of a professional ballroom dance competition. The production is pretty good with quite detailed character designs; loong necks, lovely eyelashes...haha. Anyway, I feel this will be as flamboyantly fun as Yuuri!! on Ice. The opening theme by Unison Square Garden is one of the more likable songs this season, too.

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan 1! Nicholas Roberto and Josef Kou Hiraga are Vatican Miracle Examiners which are pretty much what their titles imply. They are sent to investigate an immaculate conception case. The premise was promising, but the production was rather tedious. The pacing of this show is noticeably uneven. The characters don't bring anything new to the supernatural religious story genre and there's no humor. Dropped.

Shoukoku no Altair 1! has some fanciful turbans. Young Mahmut becomes a pasha in the anime-version of the Ottoman empire, Turkiye. There's war brewing and he wants to stop it. This reminds me of Arslan Senki in how it feels like it is somehow based on history, but thankfully, I know nothing of that history, so I can't criticize this anime-fication of it. The main character is young and naive...and has a trained eagle(?). I enjoy historical fantasy, so while the production is a tad mediocre, I think I'll keep watching this. I also enjoy the costuming.


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